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New viv = Snake TV for cats!

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We have 4 cornsnakes and a ball python, and the cats have never really paid much attention to them. However, yesterday my Dh brought home a Brazilian Rainbow Boa. We moved one of the corns and set up the new viv in it's place, and Blue has been transfixed ever since! She's spent hours perched on the table next to the viv, just fascinated by this pretty little snake. Must be the irridescent skin!
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I'd love to see a picture of that one - never heard of them
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I haven't taken any photos of ours yet; we're leaving her alone until she's settled in for a few days. Here's a thread on another forum that has some incredible photos of BRB's, if you're interested:

http://www.ball-pythons.net/forums/s...ad.php?t=59821 (This site is a little slower to load than TCS.)

I think they are just beautiful!!! :rainbowheart:
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OHHHH WOWWWWWWWWW I'm am sooo jealous of you - those are gorgeous! One is prettier then the next. Love the heart shaped markings and the ones with the blue lines that look like they glow - never seen any snake like that before.

Where did you get yours???????
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We got the BRB from a local reptile shop called Leaping Lizards. The proprietor is great - she breeds some of her stock herself, and some is from other breeders. She is just fabulous about answering questions and helping people learn how to properly care for their animals. 3 of our corns came from there as well, and they've all done very well so far.

Do you keep reptiles? There is also a larger shop in St Paul called Twin City Reptiles. Very cool place to walk through - they have some very impressive animals! It's actually just down the street from the Cat Purrrniture showroom...
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Just had a look at the pictures, the snakes are beautiful!

Although I will never own one myself (scared of them) I love the colours they have on their skin
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