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The story of Thud

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Just saw on the news about this little grey kitten who homeless, wandered on to a bridge here in Oregon. Somehow, this little guy clambered up 100 feet on this steel bridge, and started meowing. A pedestrian on the bridge heard the cries, and after a while, the fire department came with a huge crane to rescue this kitten. Well, kitty saw this huge crane coming toward him, and he LEAPED for the safety of the crane and MISSED! He fell 100 feet and lay still at the feet of onlookers who started sobbing. Someone walked over to the still kitten, when the kitten got up shook himself and spit out some gravel! He was rushed to the vet, pronounced in good health and he has since been adopted by a little girl. She has decided to name him "THUD!" :laughing: He looks like he is none the worse for his experience, though he needs a good grooming, a lot of love and a bed to call his own- which by the way, I believe he got!
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Oh my gosh that is SO amazing! I heard cats will survive longer falls as opposed to, say, 2 stories since they have a chance to right themselves in the air and will spread out much like a flying squirrel does which is like a parachute.

But still, 100 feet is a long way down !

Thud is the absolute most DARLING name for this kiten !
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I like these stories much better than the abuse stories!!
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