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Male cat suddenly acts "in heat"

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Hi all,

I have a male cat about a year old. Mulder's usually calm and collected, and when I went to work this morning he was acting normally, but ever since I've come home tonight, he's been showing a major change in behavior.

He's rubbing up against every wall and object in the house, rolling around on the floor, basically being extraordinarily frisky. It's as if someone scattered a pound of catnip everywhere and he's hopped aboard the nonstop pleasure train. If this were a female cat, I'd chalk it up to her being in heat. However I've always assumed this was limited to female cats.

Mulder is not neutered - he's my only cat, 100% indoors, and he's never had any problem with spraying so I haven't taken that step yet. Do male cats get "horned up" and is that what I'm seeing here? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining that my cat is suddenly super affectionate! I just wonder what triggered this behavior out of nowhere.
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It could be that yes, he isn't in heat of course, but in the mood rather. You might want to really think about neutering him. As soon as the spraying start, and it most likely will, it will be really hard to stop. When spring comes and he starts smelling females in heat in the area... he will go crazy not being able to get to them. He is also at greater risk of cancer if left intact. Where do you live? There are MANY low cost clinics if you look around. Here it doesn't cost more then $25-35.
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