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I've posted about Albus, the cat I'm fostering from the shelter I volunteer at here.

One thing I forgot to mention and I'm worried about is that since he got sick, his ears have flopped (and no, he's not a Scottish Fold!) He's in week 5 of the recovery and around week 2 and 3, his ears would be back to normal at the beginning of the day, then flopped again by the mid-afternoon.

Now they haven't been normal since week 3 or so and I'm just wondering what could be causing this (loss of protein and/or fluids, maybe?) and if it will go back to normal someday. It's actually kind of cute, if it stays this way, but no one's been able to give me an explanation for it so far.

General update: He's doing pretty well. The vet tech at the shelter said our goal should be for him to eat about a 5oz. can of food in a 24 hour period, and he would have done that yesterday except he threw up his morning meal. There was a big clump of hair in it, so I think it was a hair ball, since he's only thrown up one other time in the 4 weeks I've had him. I've been giving him laxative goop, which he doesn't like, but too bad.