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Do you sing to your cats?

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Matt thinks it is kind of wierd that I commonly sing to our cats. I always sing "You are my sunshine" to them, only I do it the way my mom used to sing it to my sister and I. Instead of "my only sunshine" it's "my special sunshine". Lol, I think she was afraid we would feel left out if she said only and ever since I was little, that's how I sing the song.

Anyway, anytime I start singing this song, all four kitties come running to me for attention. Do any of you guys sing to your cats? If so, how do they react?
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Yep - I sing to mine! When I do, they become more lovey and playful. (And they don't judge the singing itself )
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Yep...I put Forrest over my shoulder like a baby, rock back and forth and sing. He loves it and purrs very loudly when I do.
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I sing to Danny quite a lot. Since I couldn't carry a tune if it had handles, he tolerates me fondly!
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i not only sing to them, they each have their 'special' song, which includes their name, characteristics, etc.

i have no life
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Both my SO and I do. When I sing to Mattie, it's usually the one phrase from "Waltzing Matilda" that I know.

One of the names I was considering for Chloe was Clementine because I wanted to sing Oh My Darling Clementine to her.
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yeh, i have done a couple of times! the songs are usually daft/made up one's though
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ya I occasionally sing to them...I do to my little girl when I play with her and she occasionally meows along with me.
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:rainbowheart: Yes, I do. I sing to them, and I baby talk. I tell them how beautiful they are! I tell them what good cats they are.
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Well, a few times I`ve sung that, ( Not certain of the lyrics) 'You`re my honey bun, pumpy-umpy pumpkin. You`re my cutie pie....' to Kitty and he just looks at me as if to say, 'Get a grip woman!'
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I am SO busted, Yeah, and they have their 'Own' kitty tunes, lol.
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Nope. I cannot carry a tune and my cats would probably know that! But I do talk to them all the time like they were people.
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I used to sing to my Smokey all the time. I called her my Sunshine and I would sing "You are my Sunshine" to her. :rainbowheart: I sang it more and more towards the end. It seemed to make her feel better (or at least it made me feel better) Her urn has her photo with her name above it, My Sunshine underneath it and that song on the back. I wish I could remember where I got that urn. I don't sing to these cats all the time the way I did to her, but sometimes I do. I was singing the other day & Maggie seemed to like it, so maybe I'll do it more often. Hey I talk to them ALL the time, why not sing?
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