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Watch cat? HARDLY!

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Ok so last night I was sitting in the living room. My one boy Santo was over at the door looking out through the glass (it was night). I saw his reflection in the glass, but didn't think anything of it. So I was walking by and saw another cat outside and it looked very similar to my other boy Ernie.........same coloring, same build and I am sure some of you have had the feeling.........IMMEDIATE panic that your cat was outside. So I yell "Ernie why are you out there." Then here he comes around the corner from eating. So yes, it was another cat just dropping by apparently. But what was odd was the fact I tried to show Ernie there was another cat outside. He walked up, sniffed the door a few times and walked away. Santo was just there watching it and never made a peep. I thought all cats would hiss and growl at strange cats when they saw them? Not mine apparently..........so much for the "watch cats." HAHA!
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If the strange cat is outside the "territory" the resident cats will not mind it much. My crew have seen strays on the roof of my neighbor's house and as long as they stay there my cats ignore them.
There is also the level of dominance to consider. Like in my case, if none of my cats were dominant, I would have a million cat invaders in the property.
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There are a lot of cats that come into my yard and my 2 indoor cats likes seeing them. My cats go to the window and just watch them. They follow the cats that are outside and try to get the other cats attention. There is a neighbor cat, Boots, that they really like. We don't know how my cats would act if they were actually outside with the neighbor cats but both my cats are very friendly. Maybe when the weather warms up we will let our cats go outside and make friends.
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my little girl sabrina loves to sit in the window and look outside..occasionally (not lately been too cold) the cat that lives across the street will come over and sit on my steps and meow at the window...
they just stare at each other...
I opened the door...and the other cat started to run then came a little closer to me...
only reason I know its the neighbor across the street..because she came out a little while longer while I was looking out the window and called the cat...
then waved at me..lol
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