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Can a 2 year old cat have kitten chow?

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I'm sure a question similar to this has been asked but I'm having trouble searching for it - my terms aren't bringing results.

I mentioned in another subforum that my friend has asked Rob & I to adopt her 2 year old cat because she's moving to a neighborhood and worries about the cat getting run over (used to lots of land, which we have). Well we also have two 6 month old kittens right now at the house - so of course feeding may be a dilemma. Would she be able to eat kitten chow? We would put a bowl of adult cat food outside, but we dont want to draw a bunch of other neighborhood cats outside the house all the time.

We plan on transitioning the kittens into adult food in the next 5-6 months, since the bag suggests a year (they are on Hills Science Diet Kitten Food). Any help would be appreciated as we would really like to help our friend with her cat to have the best life, and have entertained the thought of a 3rd cat for a little while now (so it's not like something extremely sudden that we haven't talked about).

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I am not possitive but I think the Blue purina does say all stage ... if so any age group supposedly is fine to feed it to....

If the bag says according to AFFCO feeding tests or based on % AFFCO this is for all life stages ... your fine... or growth and Matantence
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When I adopted Shermie, the vet said that it was all right to feed Luna kitten food. However, I used kitten dry and then fed them both an all-ages wet food, which my vet also said was OK. I've been doing this since he was 4 months old (he's 9 months now) and they both seem fine.
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I have an adult cat and one that is now 11 months old. When I first got the younger one, I tried keeping separate bowls of the kitten chow and the stuff I feed the adult...except the kitten would keep stealing all of the big cat's food, so I gave up on that. He's freakin' big and strong at 11 months so I guess everything worked out ok.

Be wary of letting a kitten have access to any sort of hairball control food though, my parents kitten got into the stuff they give their big cat and the poor thing had diarrhea all over the house...
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I would say it's okay but it's possible the 2 yo might put on a bit of weight...

I agree that an "all stages" sort of food is probably your best bet
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My vet suggests switching kittens to adult food before 1 year old anyway. She says most of the kittens/cats who are brought in to see her are overweight at least by the time they are 10 months. She suggests switching to adult food around 7 months of age, and at least by 10 months at the latest. So going on that advice they could all be eating the same adult food soon.
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Well finally - a vet that has proven what I've said all along regarding kitten food and a year on it!

I switch kittens to adult foods around 4 1/2 - 5 months old max. Only reason to keep them on it more then 6 months old is if they are large breed or sick kittens. And with spaying early, they will not burn off the extra calories, so you should monitor them on kitten food around 5-6 months old. Once the weight is on, its darn hard to get them back to what they should be.

As far as the other cat, I would just put all of them on the same adult food and not worry. Why would you be putting food "outside" for this new cat - I was under the impression the cat was gonna be kept inside.
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My vet said the same about kittens being ok on adult food so long as they dont get diarrhea from it. However my kitten and my nearly 2 year old still get kitten dry food because my adult is so skinny... the high fat in kitten food is doing him no harm. I wouldnt worry about switching the kittens off kitten food if theyre a healthy size for their age. I also wouldnt worry about the adult eating kitten food if he's skinny
Good luck finding a solution you're comfortable with!
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Ginger, Penny and Ferris are all between 1&1/2 years and 2&1/2 years old, and they all eat a mix of dry that includes kitten kibble, because Max is 11 months old.

As long as they don't over eat they should be fine!
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Ares (10 months) and Hypnos (5 months) get the same food. They occasionally get dry Duck and Peas and both get EVO 95% meat, which is appropriate for all life stages. I would definitely look into an "all life stages" type of food.
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All life stage is ADULT .. it meets the Minimum requirements for kittens
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
As far as the other cat, I would just put all of them on the same adult food and not worry. Why would you be putting food "outside" for this new cat - I was under the impression the cat was gonna be kept inside.

No, the cat is an indoor/outdoor cat. She is wanting us to adopt it because we have 1.5 acres of land, and with his parents land it is nearly 5 acres total - and not on a main road (only a small recently-paved road with few houses all spread out). My friend is afraid the cat will get hit by a car in a subdivision because of how little land there is per yard and how close all the houses are to the road (the cat is used to 2 acres of land off a dirt road). She raised this cat from VERY young - she took it in after the mother cat was hit by a car (her friend's cat) and bottle fed it for awhile. But she also had let it outside when it wanted to go out.

We are most likely going to adopt her - my friend is leery about letting anyone else have her because she knows how much we love cats. We are just worried about feeding her since we have kittens and a rather large supply of kitten chow. I do think we may start to "wean" them over to adult food soon, and that could probably work out for both cats.

We wouldn't be putting a bowl of food outside because we don't want to attract the other neighboring cats - feral or domesticated.
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Shasha ate kitten food until she was a year and is overweight. She's 3 years now and chubby. The vet says she needs to lose a couple of pounds. I agree that you can switch over after about 5 months. My friend switches when her kittens are altered. That is what I did with Smokey and he's not over weight.
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I have a 7 y/o cat BooBoo that eats kitten food right now! I also have two 14 week old kittens! BooBoo ate purina kitten chow until he was 4, then was switched Over to Hill Science Diet CD, and ate that for a couple years and got fat, then when we got Kitten he started on the Hill Science Diet for Kittens, then kitten got big and back to CD we went. The kitten died, I got Glitch and he needed kitten food and this time I wasn't going to be stupid about it. The vet said that if I wanted to go higher quality than Hill Science Diet, That I should use Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care for Kittens, and on this food BooBoo has already lost a pound!! I thought it was pretty good that he lost a pound already! Then Glitch died, Moocha died, and we got Eek and HoboJax, and everyone says the food they are eating is good for them! BooBoo has more energy, runs around and plays and such. Oh I also give mine a can of NaturaLife soft cat food from wal mart! Its not exactly cheap, but I only use a can a day for 3 cats so its not so bad!! Good luck to ya!! I wouldn't worry either way! Just as long as you are using a good enough food for both of them!
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Thanks for all the great advice, all! You're the best
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Well I hope you found the answers you are looking for and that everything goes okay..... and GOOD FOR YOUR WEDDING 3 DAYS AWAY!!!
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