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Scoop and Snuggle?

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Has anyone tried this method?


I'm considering giving this a try considering Matilda pretty much hates me after all of the chin cleanings I've had to give her.
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Yeah, I read that some time ago.

My gut tells it's wrong to force your attentions on a cat. But, there are people who swear the technique works.

I'm as conflicted now as I was when I first saw that article months ago...

If you try it I'd love to know what your results are. PM if you don't want to post.
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I definitely disagree with doing that, with anything enforced. You can work on getting closer without entrapment (which is what that can feel like to a cat or anyone else). In fact I think it can backfire.
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I am all for scoop and snuggling my cats and they all have let me, but it has been through trust, not forced upon them! I think it is extremely important to be able to handle, hold, carry my kitty but because she trusts me not because she had no choice. Maia has been snuggled from first day I found her (6 weeks old) and she trusts me because it was a mom kitten bond from a baby, but I don't know about that cornering, wrapping method, sounds ridiculous to me.
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