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I just got a new ratty the other night.A little siamese standard.He doesn't have his points yet.Here are some pics of my Kahlua!

I apologize for the quality!

Haha...I had Kahlua running around the computer desk and he thought it would be funny to go inside of the printer! Fortunatly it wasn't turned on!

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Very cute!! Thanks for sharing
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Cute.. I have had pet rats.. but never a siamese. They are adorable.
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very cute!
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I miss rats! He is adorable!
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Aww he is adorable!! I have 2 Rattys.. but no Siamese ((mine are both Variegated)).. Yours looks like a baby!! Cutie!!!

I use to let mine run around my desk but there feetsies would get caught in the keys of the keyboard so I couldnt let them anymore... watch out for that.
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Yes,Kahlua is a baby.Born January 1st 2008!!
I have had rats for yrs,so don't worry.
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I miss having a rat too Kahlua is adorable!!
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Kahlua is a cutie! Love his coloring!
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Thank you everyone!

He is actually not is hard to tell in the pics.He is a creamy color and as he gets older,he will develop dark points on his bum,nose and a siamese kitty!

New pics of Kahlua.
Again I apologize for the sucky quality!

Inside the printer... The printer was turned off fortunatly...but the little guy had to go inside and check things out when I wasn't looking!

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Sooo cute!
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Awww...makes me want a lil ratty again..tehehe...saw some the other day, and they were sooooo hyper...just jumping beans in their cage; it was so much fun watching them!!!Lol!
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