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How Could This Happen??

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I heard about this earlier today and could not believe what I was reading....
Link to original http://www.cbc.ca/canada/saskatchewa...ve-deaths.html

That has got to be the most tragic story I think I have ever heard! HOW CAN A PARENT EVER DO SUCH A THING! I mean I had a really tough life growing up, my parents suffered from horrible addictions. I have seen and exp awful things, but am grateful to have lived through it to KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, to rise above their exp and take charge of my own life. Its really sad to think that someone is SO SELFISH that they FAIL to recognize the quality of life their children deserve. I hope that GUY ROTS IN HELL, and that the guilt suffocates him for the rest of his MISERABLE EXISTANCE.....
RIP Little ones....
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somehow this got posted twice, please delete!
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How horrible. Those poor little girls. RIP
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This makes me ill RIP sweet babies
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I'm not sure if the man was really under the influence. This morning I heard about this and they said the man was going for help (I'm not sure what he needed help with) and he went to the neighbor's house and apparently the kids followed him. The neighbor's rushed him to the hospital and I guess they were not too close to the man because they did not know he had any kids. I don't know if this is true or not but that's what I heard on CBC Radio this morning. Maybe they found new evidence since then.
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hmm interesting, they said he blacked out? Either way this is extremley tragic....
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Yeah, it sounds as though they snuck out behind him... they were in bed or something... Terrible thing to happen, you should never leave your kids alone! I would EXPECT mine to wake up and know I was gone and come looking for me... They would have been the only thing on my mind, not to mention, if he needs help, wouldn't they also need help?? So why would you leave them??? I dont get it!!

RIP sweet little ones.... you passed too soon!
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