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201 Siamese

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Recently in San Antonio, TX...a Siamese breeder died. This person had no family and few friends. She left behind over 200 cats in her small home. It was some time before anyone realized she was gone.

If anyone out there can foster...please PM me and I will get you in contact with the people coordinating the rescue of these cats. Tonja Pfister...the wonderful director of Texas Siamese Rescue has offered to take 50-60 cats. This is so wonderful b/c her facility only holds 80 cats and I know she has been very full recently! If you can't foster, please go to her website and consider adopting a cat!


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Was she a breeder or a collector? =O
200 cats at one time is A LOT for one breeder at one time.
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I kinda doubt he was showing these animals. 200 is insane. He lived out in the country...I think he may have been breeding for profit. I was just forwarded a copy of a newpaper article...here it is:

Here's an article that was in today's Austin American-Statesman, Metro Section.

Texas Digest

More abandoned cats recovered

Bexar County Humane Society staff members returned Sunday to recover more abandoned cats from a Wilson County home where more than 80 had already been picked up.

The felines' owner, Carey Vogt, 48, had been dead for more than a week when deputies, answering a call from concerned neighbors, found him on Feb. 5, Sheriff Joe Tackitt said. Vogt died of heart trouble.

Deputies said more than 200 cats were at Vogt's house. When volunteers arrived at the home Friday morning, about 100 cats were found dead, said Cathy Rosenthal of the humane society. Wilson
County, southeast of Bexar, has no animal control staff.
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That is truly horrifying. I hope you find some good foster homes for the cats who survived.
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I wish I was closer, I would foster!
The poor things!
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We have received help from as far away as Oklahoma City...a shower there will be fostering 5-6 cats for us! I have contacted some of the CFA showers I met at a recent show and they have been a big help and very supportive!

Now we just need to find permanent homes! Although the SA cats may not be ready for a few weeks, we still have 80 cats ready to go at the Texas Center in Dallas. We have approved adopters from as far away as Ontario! (That couple was really great! They fell in love with a blind cat and have sent us awesome letters about her!) So spread the word! We have some great cats! 95% Siamese and a few others mixed in.
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I accidentally typed in the URL wrong...here is the correct link:

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There are only a few posted right now. Also updates 'from the field' on the condition of the cats and the progress we are making. Some of it is a bit graphic...just be forewarned. Some of the cats are just skin and bones. This is a truly horrible situation. Thank God we can get them out of there.

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Those pictures really tug at the heartstrings!
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All of those cats are sooo beautiful, specially blue pretty and the snow shoes!
I feel so bad. They all look really tiny, is it cause they are young, or just malnurished?
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This will sound awful, but that man dying may be the best thing that happend to those cats.
100 found dead????? an the wounds on that poor tux. my ghod.
I know what it looks like ot see a cat w/ a leg dangling by skin I'm so glad that these guys are receiving medical treatment and are being cared for!!!!

As you may or maynot know, my specialty is with special needs cats. Handicapped cats, cats who need a lot of extra tlc, cats who are on the brink of death from starvation etc...
I have the feeling you have quite a few of these who will need extended care.
If there is one that no one else wants to foster and care for, or is being overlooked, or whatever, please keep me in mind. I do this very small scale, I can help *one.*

My house has a lot of cats, but I do have one room that is for fosters only and contains 3 large pens (4 x 4 x 3 fit high) and one largish cage. They have a quieter time than the rest. I also have some cages in the main house, for cats who want to be more in the middle of things, and some fosters get to 'run with the herd' in the main space.

E-mail me if you need me

check out my website to see what I've done/am doing with special needs cats. Feel free to call my vet (I'll e-mail you the number if you want it), the shelter I work with and anyone else for references.

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so sad...
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