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Inside Cat mewing at the door incessantly.

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Ok, this is a new one for me, I have a fixed female housecat who I have kept inside for the better part of 2.5 years.

She bolts outside to the landing of the staircase outside my door when I get pizza and stuff but she has never been past the first flight of stairs.

Recently, she has taken to mewing at the front door loudly, staring at it, at all different times of the day.

Is this just her wanting outside or something more serious? I really do not want to let her outside at all, so doing so is not a course of action I wish to consider, have any of you had this issue crop up and what did you do to curb it (other than let them outside)?

Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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She's probably become aware of neighbourhood cats out there and wants to see what's going on, but you're being very smart to keep her in. Have you considered getting a harness (one with a neck collar attached to a tummy collar along the back.. just 'necks' are bad for cats) and taking her for walkies?
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I had no idea you could "walk" a cat...I might give that a try, just so she can see what's up. I'm afraid though that this might exascerbate the behaviour however, it's never been my experience with a cat that once they have a "taste" that they let it go forever, more often than not they want more of whatever it is they can't have in the first place.
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Originally Posted by PGrant View Post
I'm afraid though that this might exascerbate the behaviour however
My cats know the only time they go out is when they have a harness on, they don't try to get out even when the door is wide open.
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I have the same problem with my cat Saturday...in fact she's in the middle of a fit right now and she is also about 2.5 years old and an indoor cat.

We've tried the harness, only to find that she has figured a way to wriggle out of it and that she still wants 'more' after a taste of the outside. Some cats just don't go for the harness at all. Saturday, on the other hand will seek out her leash and act out if we don't let her outside (we never let her outside!). One thing I would like to mention about taking your kitty for a walk is that there are other people who take their dogs out for walks...we are lucky enough to have breed restrictions here but that still doesn't stop the dogs (or their humans) from coming up to our windows to see and bark at the kitties.

She howls at the front door and at the patio door and she will do this for the better part of a hour. I still haven't found a good solution for this situation.
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I take Seb and Daphne out once in awhile in the cat stroller. It is a bit cold right now, but they don't seem to mind. We live in a teensy studio apartment, so I figure their time outside - even if its just a few minutes, gives them something to talk about Daphne so far will not do the harness. Seb - well, I can get it on him and put him outside. He sits still for the most part, then slinks back to the door

Seb still cries at the door each evening. Hasn't been an outdoor cat in a couple of years but that doesn't stop him. I just try to ignore it.
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Viridian - they won't get out of the harness if it's put on properly (tightly enough, so that you can only slip one finger underneath relatively easily - not loose enough to pull the collars away from the cats' bodies). They may go into silly acrobatics (and maybe get a leg caught outside the harness), but that won't last long if you leave the (straightened out) harness on (no leash) inside for short-to-longer times so they get used to it - and only at times when you're there to supervise (occasionally a cat may get its lower jaw caught if the harness is too loose). Once they stop their antics, you can then snap on the lead and at a quiet time of day, open the door and let them lead you to wherever they want to go (though not under the first bush they see, as that will defeat the purpose). Don't pull them, do be ready to grab them up (shades of NYPD :-) if a dog or other cat shows up, but in general just let them wander for a while, if necessary with gentle encouragement in little bits when you need to go home again.
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