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Raspy Breathing - opinions and suggestions welcomed

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I've noticed in the 6 months that I've had my cats, both of them, particularly the female, are raspy when breathing. They both had an upper respiratory infection when I brought them home which has since cleared up.

Has anyone had this issue, and did you change anything in your home that helped your kitties breathe easier? I was wondering if changing my my cleaning products to "green" would help.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.


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I would think that if the URI has supposedly cleared up, there should no longer be any raspy breathing. Have you checked with your vet about this? Maybe another round of antibiotics is needed..

Whenever any of my cats had a bout of URI, the infection cleared up with the antibiotics. If it didn't clear up, it usually was b/c there was more going on than just a URI..

Just my opinion.

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I think a trip to the vet may be in order. First, to confirm that the URI has cleared up, and see if they have asthma or some other respiratory problem. My Harvey had asthma, and it is very controllable.

Once you've ruled out a respiratory problem, maybe think about changing litters if you're using a litter with a lot of dust. The dust in clay litter made both Harvey and Tailer cough and wheeze.
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I agree with the other posters, when my babies had their URI's they bounced it back and forth. it would clear up for awhile but I always knew it was back when they would start to snore or breathe heavy.

it also could be asthma or allergies.

either way I think a trip, or at least a call to the vet is in order.
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I would take them back to the Vet. It can be Asthma too.. I agree with the others.
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I think talking to the vet about it is in order. They both are active, eating and drinking, etc. Just raspy.
I use Fresh Step scoopable litter.
And the girl loves to watch the toliet paper twirl around when flushed, which I try to discourage.

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