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toilet trained cat drinks from toilet after he goes in it! HELP!

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This is somewhat of a unique situation but my cat drinks from the toilet and plays in it. I don't have the usual remedies of closing the door or toilet lid because it needs to stay open for him as he uses the toilet. The problem is that he will drink from the toilet when it's clean but ALSO after he has peed or pooped in it. If I flush right away after he goes in it, he drinks from it - which is gross but not as gross as when he drinks from it when I haven't flushed for him! I couldn't believe it the other day when I caught him drinking from it and the water was yellow from his own pee because I didn't flush it right away. And then this morning he was sticking his paws in and playing with the water and there was one of his poops in the bottom of the bowl! it would be bad enough if he did this when the toilet was flushed but the fact that he does this when his waste is in there is unbelievable. Is there something wrong with him? Because cats are supposed to hate getting dirty with waste! maybe his nose doesn't work properly?

and this is not a burial instinct, he goes in the toilet and jumps off as soon as he's done with his business. but then he will go back later and play in it. so it's not that he feels the need to bury his business because he doesn't do it right after he goes. He also has a flowing drinkwell water fountain so he's not lacking for fresh aerated water. I'm going to put ice cubes in his water fountain in case he likes it cold. i also try to flush the toilet as soon as he's done but often he goes at night and i wake up to find him playing in the toilet and i also go to school so i'm not home all the time.

can i pour bitter apple in the toilet water to deter him from drinking it? or is this dangerous for him? i don't want to do anything that has too strong of a scent because i don't want him to hate the smell of the toilet, i want him to still use it to pee and poo, i just want him to hate the taste of the toilet. i'm afraid if i use a strong citrus smell, it'll scare him away from the toilet altogether and we worked on toilet training for a long month so i really want him to continue using the toilet. i'm really desperate for solutions though because it's disgusting when he walks around my house and jumps on my bed after he's played in the used toilet water (i always wipe him off when i catch him but when i'm not home....gag...)
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I am sorry but I have to laugh at this situation...I'm sorry you have to deal with it, but it is rather funny in a way!!!

As far as deterring him, you could try a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar in the bowl...however, to remember to keep putting a bit in there each time you or anyone else flushes might be a bit of a pain; however the ACV will be harmless to him, and I know my kitties don't care to try it.

Perhaps even placing his own water source IN the bathroom may help too; that way he won't feel he has to play in the toilet? Not sure, could be worth a try!
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That's actually dangerous. The cleaners you use for the toilet can be harmful, I'd think even toxic to your kitty.

I have no suggestions, as he uses the's generally not safe to drink from whether there's anything in it or not!
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Wow, that is amazing (toilet trained), hysterical, yet horrible all at the same time! All lot of cats are fascinated by water even though they hate getting wet. It's not natural for a cat to go to the bathroom in water, Actually in the wild they will paw and catch fish and ofcourse drink. So he is definitely not a weirdo, it's basic instincts hes following. Besides cleaning products, its definitely very bad for him to drink from the toilet or paw the water since he cleans his paws orally, could cause serious health issues. As far as ideas for keeping him toilet trained but not do this, I am at a loss. No matter what you put in the water to deter him, its going to be very diluted and will it work? It would seem to me the whole point of toilet training is becoming more time consuming then just using litter.......
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Drinking from it after he has used it, is not only gross as you said, but can be very dangerous for him due to germs. I would think that would put him at risk of having all kinds of nasty bacterial infections.

Having him toilet trained is great, but to me it wouldn't be worth the risk of him getting sick if he is going to drink and play in it as well.
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Wow - that's a first!

But seriously, I would retrain him to be using a litter box. Its too dangerous - its a matter of time before he gets sick from doing this. While you might have trained him to use the toilet, the fact he's drinking out of the toilet is VERY dangerous.

Start getting him back to the litter box and close the lid!
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We are working on toilet training our cat too.  She is at the water in the bowl stage and just today, I caught her drinking out of it four times.  Nothing would deter her from it.  I found it disgusting and didn't want to make it habit so I tried putting about a 1/8 cup of vinegar into the water.  She looked at it, sniffed, gave me a big long meow, and went right to her water bowl.  I also put a couple ice cubes in her water bowl to make it more desirable for her.  Good luck!  Don't give up on the toilet training yet.  Try vinegar. If your cat does drink some, it won't be toxic to him, but the chances of him wanting to drink vinegar water are slim.

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