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Adopting an outdoor cat?

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I adopted an indoor only 6 MO. kitten about a month ago and would love to get her a playmate but my parents will not allow another cat in the house until they see how this one works out.

But I feel sorry for stray cats and shelter cats that dont get adopted and I had been thinking of maybe trying to pursue getting an outdoor only cat that I could adopt and at least give them a place to sleep, eat and hang out. Does anybody know if that would be a good idea though? I know some shelters only look for people who can provide indoor shelter for their animals. On top of that here are some variables that I have been thinking about that could effect this from working out:

1) I live less than a mile away from the mountains and foothills, that means that coyotes and other animals sometimes frequent our neighborhood but I see and know plenty of cats that are outdoor in our area, Rarely have I ever heard of animals eating the cats around her and I have 2 friends that have indoor/outdoor cats that have lived fine for 3 and 7 years respectably and are still going strong. This and disease are the main reasons I keep her indoors.

2) I don't know how the indoor cat would react to an outdoor only one, and it will be the girl inside, (I hope to adopt a boy next cat I get.) a boy on the outside. Does anybody think it wuld be a problem having them see each other but never able to interact?

3) I know all the dangers of having an indoor/outdoor cat, the cars, animals, people, etc. I've read up on the debate too and that is really my only hesitancy about asking to see if this is possible. I would hope and try to keep the new cat around the yard as much as I could too. I would buy him a bed and some toys.

4) I have a mostly outdoor but also indoor Pug dog, who is a ball of energy but would never hurt a flea, I'm not quite sure how he'd react to being surrounded by cats indoors and outdoors though. He already barks at the one in the house but I see this as not too big of a deal considering I can put the cats bed and toys out of the dogs reach.

I have a strong desire to do this and to adopt another cat to keep in my yard mostly but still open to roam the area's around the house. I think that I could really help a stray get off the street or shelter but I must say I would not be able to give it indoor shelter. Does this sound like a good idea? Does anybody think that the shelters would have a grudge with it being an outdoor cat only? I would try to protect him as much as possible but I cant guarantee that he wont get himself into trouble.

What do y'all think about it?? If you want to know about my situation, I'm 19 and live with a family of 6, have 2 pets (u already know), am learning more and more each day about taking care of my kitten/adolescent, I go to school and work but I try to be home a decent amount of time. Our backyard is very big though, a ton of grass, some walls to climb, a woodpile on one side of the house, a walkway on the other side, a patio for cover when it rains, it's a pretty sweet set up I think, he'd have a lot of room to roam just in my yard alone.
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I have outdoor cats....8 of them all spayed/neutered/UTD on shots.

Some are pets, some are semi-ferals, some I have never touched.

I've never had an issue with coyotes until now, but they remain away from my house due to my housedogs. I am nowhere near a busy road. My cats basically stay in my yard. I keep them in a garage/shop/shed as much as possible.

It depends on your home, your situation. The humane society here places kitties on farm homes as an alternative to euthanizing.

You would need to figure the cost of spaying/neutering. You'll need distemper combo shot, rabies shot, & FeLV shot. He'll have higher vet bills than an indoor kitty, due to more frequent injuries because of his exposure to more dangers. He will also not likely live as long a life.

What will happen the the kitty when you move out?

You'll need to create shelter, be prepared for cold winters (invest in a heated water bowl), plus more food costs in winter because they burn more calories to stay warm. There's always the basic URI(upper respiratory infection)....I get them in about half my cats every winter & it costs about $30 per cat to treat. Ideally, you'd build a cat fence to contain the kitty for safety.
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I am surprised that you don't have any stray cat volunteers already.
As for keeping coyotes away, marking territory with urine has worked well for me - it's alot easier if you have a guy who'll do it since male urine is stronger (and easier for them to apply) - just mark the border areas, not the whole yard. Our shelter adopts out to ranchers - you could consider contacting your local feral rescue group & see if there are any cats who need relocating - you might just be the answer to someone's prayers! Keep us posted
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