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FIV desparate help needed

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My vet wants to kill one of my cats. A feral cat got in and fought with one of my cats Thursday night. Now he is testeing positive for FIV..I can't believe the virus would show up in 3 days. Therefore I think he has had it awhile. I have 12 other cats and everyone has been in the same house. This cat has lived with us for over 1 year. Has anyone had any experience with FIV cats. I understand that, with proper treatment, they can lead pretty normal lives. This vet's only response is to kill the cat. She did this last December to an outdoor cat I was trying to adopt. Any advice, experiences or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Anne
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I know alot of vets who still have that "kill" them attitude. There has been much more info available for FIV kitty's in recent years. I know quite a few houses with FIV positive kitty's living with non FIV kitty's. If there aren't any real fights in the house, the chances of the other cats getting it, is slim to none.
Also, cats can test positive, but never have active symptoms. If they do start showing signs of illness, it still doesn't mean death right away. It just means they need to be treated symptom by symptom.
2 of the 4 people I know that have integrated both positive and negative kitty's are veterinarians.
If I were in your situation, I would just let them stay together. It may cause a problem if you wanted to bring a new kitty home because it may cause a fight, but otherwise you will be fine.
Bless your heart for giving this kitty a chance.
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I have a 14 year old cat that is FIV+. I have known about it for 4 years, but have no idea how he got it, or when he got it. I have all the others tested regularly, and no one else has tested positive. He is a very gentle cat, and does not fight with the others. The vet says he will probably live as long as he would have anyway, at this point. I cannot believe this cat is sick. He is a little goofy because he's old, but other wise seems fine.
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I wanted to say thanks for the replies. The other vet at my clinic is being very helpful and encouraging. I brought my baby home (Elizabethn collar, Seton drains and all) tonight. He seems to be feeling much better and was eating well. We will see about geting the others tested just so we know but otherwise it will "business as usual". I hope others have good stories but we are optimistic that everyone will do well. I think that hearing about two vets who have this problem and have made it work is extremeley heartening. Thanks again, Anne
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I had a cat who lived 5 yrs after she was diagnosed with fiv, for much of the time she was fine, every 2 months or so she would have gum issues ( sore mouth, swollen gums etc.) My vet gave me a standing rx for a liquid antibiotic for her, after a few days of the meds she would be fine, while her mouth was sore, i would make soft foods for her and i also gave her a nutritional supplement,
becuz it affects their immune system the flare ups came closer and closer together as time went on... the vet said eventually she wouldnt be able to fight the infections off even with the antibiotic, when the time came, I had her put down... but that was after 5 yrs of nursing her thru it... but nver did the vet at the begining suggest putting her down....they can live many yrs with the virus.
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