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Here's some new pics of the stray kitty I've been caring for the last week and a half. Here's the last thread

His leg looks just about healed on the outside, though I'm sure it still has some healing to do on the inside.

He's such a little love bug! I need to find him a good home, I really wish I could keep him but it's just not financially possible right now.
So if anyone in the central NJ area is interested PM me

I think he looks like Susie's Tiggy in this pic

Stretching out

Junior and Spyder

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Awww, he's a cutie!
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What a sweetie!!!
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He is a cutie-pie
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Awww, he is so sweet! He looks like a Spunky little thing
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Awwwww!! He is adorable!!!!!!!! If I lived closer i would take him, (My kittie Tubee and him look sooo much alike). Good luck finding him a home!

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He is very pretty
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Awwwww Diane he is cute as well That's a shame you can't keep him because he looks so settled with you all
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He has such a sweet face.
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He has such a sweet face! Love the orange markings on him!
He looks so happy in the photo of him all sprawled out :
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