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Our two one-year-old Maine Coons, Bruce and Sheila, have been moulting a lot for the past month or two, and I just thought I'd check whether it is normal!

2-3 days after vaccuuming the carpets, the carpets are covered with clumps of cat hair once again, and it gets all on our clothes when we pick them up (or indeed sit down on anything in the house!).

It is winter in the UK, but we do have central heating (they are indoor cats).

In an attempt to keep the hair at bay and reduce hairballs, I do brush them daily, using a Zoom Groom, slicker brush and metal comb, and I get lots of hair out.

They are free-fed Royal Canin Maine Coon, and fed wet food twice a day (most often Bozita, but occasionally Animonda, Hills Science Plan, Felix, Porta 21 or Applaws). They were gradually weaned off RC Kitten a couple of months ago.

They are happy, contented cats as far as I can tell - there seem to be no major stresses in their lives.

Is it normal for young cats to moult this much? Is it seasonal? Am I encouraging it by brushing them too much?

Any reassurance/suggestions gratefully received.

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Cats do have a moulting season. It is usually spring and fall. But even in a non-moulting season, I have to vacuum at least every other day with my two Persians. It could be diet related but Royal Canin is a decent food. I'm not sure if shedding can be age related or not. But maybe someone else knows the answer to that! How long have you had the cats? If cats are in a new home they can seem adjusted and content but still have clumps of fur come out due to stress. Stress isn't always bad stress. I'm not saying that's what is going on with your cats. Just throwing things out there!
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All cats go through a kitten moult - especially Forest cats. I remember both Lou's (NFO) and Velle's (MC)...the fur came out in great clumps in my hand! It usually happens after the age of 8 months. Once it's over you will find new fur growing and that will become the adult coat. Quite a disaster for show cats but judges do allow for it.

My Abys go trough a kitten moult as well...as my vet says, as long as they're not going bald, you've nothing to fear!
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