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Snow Puker

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My cat Ossi seems to be “allergic†to snow. This is not a problem but I wondered if anyone else has similar experience. If Ossi walks on snow, he will vomit. It’s kind of silly and solved by not going out in the snow. Since Ossi is an indoor-cat and only gets to go on walks in harness as a treat, it really does not pose any issue.

We noticed this when I took him for his first winter walk. He walks in harness like a champ, and had been going on occasional walks in the back yard in different temperatures. Then came the first time with snow cover, and he strutted out from the porch and was stunned. He did not like the snow, and actually was not sure if he wanted to go at all but found a patch of ground next to the house. This led him quite far and when he was at the furthest point he all of a sudden decided he wanted the most direct route back – through snow – ended up galloping back to the porch, and immediately proceeded to puke up all breakfast kiblets. I thought he was just feeling unwell, and he wanted to go inside right away anyway, so we finished up.

Next time we tried it I was not yet clued on that it was the snow. He hesitated and I carried him to look at the bird-tree, and then lowered him on the ground. He immediately dragged me back to the porch barely touching the snow, and promptly vomited on the only piece of rug. At this point I was getting a little suspicious.

I didn’t bring him out any more that winter but next winter I did one more test run. I carried him 10ft from the porch and put him down. He ran back, gagged and all the kiblets came up again. We agreed that he does not need to come out in the snow anymore. He obviously is not made for it. (He will of course stand at the door in attention to go, and would love to walk in the open porch).

He has no other ill effects from the walks. He’s not even shaken afterwards and goes to eat. The moment he touches the snow, it’s obvious it’s very yucky for him. First time the sight didn’t do much but now he knows it too. The funny thing is he only vomits when he gets to a safe place! It’s like he gets cold cramps. Anyone else’s cat do this?
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Well, they have no way of saying "I hate snow", so they show you in an obvious way (worked for Joan Rivers - finger in the mouth:-)!
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No, my first cat loved playing in the snow (called him my couger baby) but hated the rain. I would not let him stay out too long tho cause didn't want his feet to get frozen. But he never got sick when out in the snow.

I'd just keep him in or let him out on the porch a bit and not let him in the snow.
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Sounds like a panic/stress reaction, he is weary even fearful of the snow, wants immediate safety zone and once gets there, hurls from nerves. If walking him shortly after eating (mentioned food chunks) this also increases stress reaction of vomiting. Best to avoid snow and keep everyone happy
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