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Hi. I have a problem.

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Hello all.

I'm a first-time poster with a little bit of a problem. I currently have two cats. Coco is 4yrs and Yoshi is 8mos. From the very day I brought Yoshi home, she has refused to cover the dirty little messes she leaves in the litter pan. She doesn't even attempt to cover them up and frankly, it is pretty disgusting. I don't even know where to begin addressing this problem, but I hope this isn't something I'm going to have to deal with her entire life.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Has anyone here dealt with this before?


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To be blunt, have you ever showed her how to cover it? She may not know what to do. Be sure to wash your hands a few times afterwards.
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My personal feeling... just be glad she uses the litter box! My cats are on opposite ends when it comes to the box. Wickett LOVES it... he'll spend hours in there digging and burrying. Frankie on the other hand doesn't bother burrying and only uses it to pee in about half the time. The other half the time, she uses our kitchen floor!
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That is, to the best of MY understanding, typical alpha behavior, and apart from your personal feelings about having to see it uncovered, is absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

My female alpha, Ginger, tends to only leave uncovered poops in a box that other cats have already pooped in. Mind you, I have 4 boxes for 4 cats to share.

And I agree - you need to be thankful that the cat USES the box rather than oh, say, pooping in your bed, for example.

My suggestion: start using litterboxes that have a cover. Then you won't have to see any uncovered business until you go to scoop the box, and the cat gets to act the way that is instinctive, win-win situation.
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Oh, it's not the sight that bothers me. As a matter fact, the box is in a nice secluded place. I'm having a problem with the demon-like stench that fills my house after each time Yoshi uses it.
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Originally Posted by zx321 View Post
Oh, it's not the sight that bothers me. As a matter fact, the box is in a nice secluded place. I'm having a problem with the demon-like stench that fills my house after each time Yoshi uses it.
Well, you can take a look at the foods you are feeding and perhaps change the diet - some dry foods help reduce stinky poops.

However, poop smells - it's just a stinky fact.

Last night I came home to quite a stench - I think all 4 decided to poop as soon as they heard my car in the driveway.

I just breathe through my mouth for a little while, then the smell goes away - just like it does after a male human uses the bathroom!
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Sorry but if that's the way she is, then she won't change. Cats will either cover or not cover and you cannot change them.

Someone said its a case of being dominate, but I've had rexes (know which are dominate or not) and it didn't matter - had some that were dominate cover the poop, others didn't.

Just be glad they use the pan and not go somewhere else. You might try a different litter or a covered box if you don't want to see it

As far as the smell - it could be the food you are feeding, cat may have worms, or if unspayed/unneutered it would be stronger.
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I have one who covers everything as if his life depends upon it, and the other leaves his in a nice stinky pile on top of the litter. The other one usually comes along and buries it with a disgusted look on his face. But it's quite normal.
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Seb covers his poo but not pee. Daphne is opposite - covers pee like she's digging to China, does not cover poo. I have given up on understanding why they do what they do
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other posters are right.

I always just clean it as soon as I smell it, problem solved.
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My Coco has never covered hers. She also has always used a pan. Whats funny is Oreo will go in th pan and cover it.
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Hi and welcome to TCS! There are several good points in previous posts and it could be worse! I don't know how old she was when you brought her home but it is very important to show them how to dig in the litter box when they are kittens. Although there are some kitties, not common but who simply don't have this talent. As previously mentioned, I would be happy she is using the litter box!!!! I confess, I can't stand it when Maia takes a dump at an inappropriate time for me to clean it out !!!But it's not her fault, she didn't mess somewhere wrong, I get up and clean it out. Couldn't be happier that she makes stinkies in the litter box only!!!!!!
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Everyone's right!
Milo has always had immaculate liter box manners, its Pepsi who has had her issues. I have 2 boxes which they are happy to share but sometimes Pepsi sees fit to pee right in front of my kitchen sink for no other reason than her own.
Its frustrating and annoying considering I am super hot on making sure all "poo's" are removed immediatley due to said smell issues.
9 times out of 10 she uses the box and then another time you get a wet foot!
Cats are weird little furballs and as long as they use 'their' toilets then I wouldnt worry about whether they cover up or not!
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I would suggest that you get something like a cat litter locker and put in near the litter box. Ares and Hypnos both cover their poos, but I have a great sense of smell, so I like frequently cleaning the box. With the litter locker, the smell is contained, plus the cats have the added bonus of their boxes being cleaned 3-4 times a day. (The litter locker itself gets emptied once a week.) It has really cut down on the "stinkyness" of the area. Hope this helps!
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