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Cat Regurgitating Frequently

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I've had a stray kitten for about 6 months now. My best guess is that he's 9 months old. We do not free feed our cats and I've noticed that at the morning feeding the kitten, Seti, regurgitates his breakfast. I know it's not unusual for cats to do that but it seems strange to me that he only does it at breakfast and was wondering if I should switch him to a food for sensitive stomachs. He eats kitten food now which I'd like him to stay on if possible because he was so malnourished when I found him I want him to get all his vitamins, etc. BTW he eats a high quality food with no dyes, etc.
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Is he regurgitating undigested food? It sounds like he could be eating too fast, which is pretty common in cats that previously didn't know when the next meal was coming. You could try raising the bowl a bit (like putting it on a phone book) or spreading the food out on a dish so that he has to eat more slowly.
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Thanks guys, I'll try raising his food. He actually takes a long time to eat but I think when he does get around to it eating he may gulp it.
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