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scratching, making himself bleed

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Ziggy had surgery almost three months ago, the first week of November, to have his eye removed. the area healed up nicely all the fur grew back and everything. last month my boyfriend and I went away for the holidays and left the cats alone for four days, when we came home Ziggy had scratched the area just above where the surgery had been until it was completely raw and swollen.

we brought him to our vet who put an ointment on it which cured it up in a couple weeks, but as soon as he was healed and I took off his e-collar he scratched himself and it was bleeding again, so I called my vet who gave Ziggy a shot of cortisone which he said would help if he had a pinched nerve from the surgery and he told me he should stop scratching in two days after the shot. it's been a week and a half and as soon as the area is completely healed and I take the e-collar off he scratches again, and every time just with one scratch it bleeds again. I plan to take him to the vet again, but is there any advice you guys could offer me as well?? thanks!
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I recomend the vet of coarse, but in the mean time is there any way to wrap his paws so he can't scratch it, mine would tolorate having paws wrapped, but most wont. Try leaving the collor on when you can't watch him, too. I hope you get him heald up and he stops re-opening it
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Yeah or some soft paws perhaps?? Those things you put over their nails so they can't stratch! Or you could clip the nails short for the time being!!

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