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My Guys

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Hi there guys, I have been away for a while but now have some time to type. My guys are now 14 months old and doing great. To say that we love them an understatment!!

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They are just so gorgeous!!!! Nice shiny coats!!
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Look at those gorgeous babies
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They are both so handsome! They are so silky & shiny - picture purrfection!! :
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How very cute! They must be in love. BTW, I used to have a small dog called Pepsi!
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They are beautiful boys... I love their white wiskers!
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aww, they are so gorgeous! another handsome milo too i see.
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They are gorgeous!
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look how they've grown into such gorgeous boys!!
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They are stunning. Are they brothers?
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Very stunning!!
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they are actually brother and sister. Sorry the 'guys' thing i say all the time is confusing!
Milo is the male (short hair) and Pepsi his sister, all fluffy.
They are just such sweet cats, great temperaments and they make us laugh.
My daughter left a lace on the floor one day and now its theirs. Its the funniest thing watching them each hold an end and walk around with each other!
Good lord I dont know what I did before I had them......must have been so boring!!
Thank you for all the lovely comments.
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Milo and Pepsi are georgous.
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what little darling's!
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Your Guys are adoreable!!!
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