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Zoo Tycoon 2

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Is there any else here who is plays these games besides me? I stink at Sim City so I thought I would try this. I bought it last week and am still trying to get the hang of it but so far I like it. I also bought the Extinct Animals expansion for it so I can have dinosaurs and other long gone critters.
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lol hmm errr, yea, hmm, ok dont tell any one.

ok i love zoo tycon games. lol yea, i have the Extinct Animals expansion also. the wife also like them her parks always look so pretty, but mine tend to work better lol..

oh god man, and we like cats... hmm must do something manly now must go home and chug a beer or 2, and shoot my ar-15
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oh yea, i also have the Marine park add on lol
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I won't tell anyone if you don't.

Yeah...think I'll go hit the range now, too.

Exit...stage left....
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OMGosh I love Zoo Tycoon 2 too!! Ive been playing it since it came out!! Although im sad now cause my Comp wont let me download it and my mom wont let me download it on her comp!!
Its the best PC game ive found yet ((besides the Sims 2 [+expansions]))!!!
Im a pro at it and id play it right now if I could!!
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My sister lets me borrow her copies of Zoo Tycoon, plus the marine expansion..and they are so addictive!

Last time I played those, I was sat upstairs on my computer for nearly six hours...and didn't get to bed 'til gone 2am!
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I do have the game but it has been quite some time since I played it.
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I used to love those games! I havent played them in ages though! I've been playing lots of sims 2 though! Now I wanna go play...
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