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Article in CatFancy

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Ann, Mary Ann:

Just got a copy of the latest Cat Fancy magazine and I saw a small article that mentioned Meowhoo.com and you guys. They were praising the
website and how great it's doing. Kudos to you!!
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Way to Go!!!!!!

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Thank you Helen!
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woohoo!!!! that is great!
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Woohoo! Two thumbs up on the attention to the site!

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Way to go Anne & MaryAnne!!!!! Great JOb!!!!! I want a copy of this magazine that mentions you, but we can't buy it here and I don't have a subscription. Would anyone be willing to mail it to me if I paid for it?
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Helen, that would be the April issue, right? I can't wait to get it. I have a subscription but being overseas I only got March's issue a couple of days ago

If someone could scan it please and post it I would be really grateful - can't wait to see what it looks like!

Debby - I'd send you one but I only have my copy and they don't sell them here either... sorry!
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It is the April issue... I'm amazed they come so early when you have a subscription. I only have my copy, Debby, but let me look at the bookstore this week and see if the April issue is out yet... last time I looked, I only saw the March issue. If it's there, I'll pick up a copy for you.

And Anne, I'd scan it for you, but my scanner isn't at my apartment with me... anyone else out there with the April 2003 issue of Cat Fancy and a scanner at their disposal?
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Ok Ok I admit I forgot the magazine on the kitchen table because I was in a rush this morning. Unfortunately I won't be back in the office till monday but as I told hissy I'll scan one then.

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If I get out to the petstore on the weekend I'll buy it and scan it. (I need an excuse to buy another issue...lol. I've only bought 2 so far and they were really good!)
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i don't know if i already congratulated you in that other thread, but, Congratulations you guys!!

wonderful publicity!

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