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Arm & Hammer "High Performance" Cat Litter

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I was wondering if anyone uses this and if it really works as claimed. It comes in a package that contains half as much product as the regular formula but supposedly lasts the same amount of time.

I don't think thats physically possible since the cats are still going to poop and pee just as much as they do in the regular formula so you are going to be scooping out just as much product on a daily basis.
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We use it (actually I mix it with Swheat Scoop) --they never actually tell you what it's made out of ("it's natural"), but I think it is wheat. It does work very well --it seems to swell up with the moisture --so you do use less.

I'll buy the A&H because it's readily available and often goes on sale at the supermarket, but I don't like the smell of it--don't understand why they perfume it so much. I mix it with the Swheat Scoop to minimize the smell.

It has helped a lot with the issue of pee balls sticking to the bottom of the box. Stan likes to dig down to the plastic before he goes and with the clay litter it was a muddy nightmare to clean. The wheat just detaches from the box and doesn't leave residue.
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I used to do exactly the same...mix the A&H HP with Swheat.

The A&H HP is very perfumy....you open the bag & it smells strong to me, just think how it smells to the kitties!

It worked very very well for me. However, I have one who would eat it until he was very ill(Dorky Fish, he's a freak), so I switched back to another litter.
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Wow, thanks for the replies, I'm going to try it ) I use the clay clumping litter now and I hate how it stick to the bottom of the pan!
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An FYI - you can spray your LBs with PAM cooking spray after cleaning before you put in fresh litter. Helps keep it from sticking down.
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ooooh, I didn't know that, thanks again!
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will this cat litter be okay to use in the self scooping rolling litter box?

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mine HATED it. it was to smelly, and so light, mine would shovel paws full out of the box when they do their digging. Also, it was bad with smell, PEE U!!!
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I tried it, but agree with some of the other posters that the smell is too strong. My cats didn't like it at all.
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