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Cat's pupil is dilated

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One of my cat's pupils dilated 2 nights ago and hasnt gone back to normal yet. He can see out of it, and is acting completely normal and healthy. My dad is a doctor and he thinks it was a small stroke. A woman in his office once went a year with one pupil dilated, they never figured out what it was. I'm getting him to the vet asap. Has anyone seen this before?
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Ive seen it! When my cats got sick their pupils were dilated! ( I accidently left some Magic rocks out and they drank the water) Could he have gotten into anything?? Any plants?? How old is the cat??
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It's a male, 5.5-6 years old. I dont think he has gotten into anything poisonous. I don't have plants around the apartment. The only thing I can think of is that night I first noticed it I had put some catnip out, and my other cat just wouldnt let him get near it and they wrestled for a bit. So maybe some sort of head injury? he isn't throwing up or having diarrhea or anything.
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A dilated pupil can be a sign of retinal detatchment. Retinal detatchment in cats is often caused by high bloodpressure. It is imperative that you get your cat to the vet as soon as possible to rule out hypertension retinal detatchment. If it is a detatchment caused by high bloodpressure, your vet can start your kitty on bloodpressure medications that can often save the vision in that eye, but time is of the essence, and you need to act quickly! Good luck!
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He's going in to the vet tomorrow evening, the soonest they had an appointment. The first thing they said is to get him tested for feline leukemia. The results take 10 mins so I'll know by then. If hes positive then that almost certainly means that my other cat is (not a year old yet). This has me horribly worried. I'll keep you updated. Has anyone had a cat that displayed this symptom as an indicator of an FLV infection?
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Jaws I am hoping all goes well tomorrow. A non reactive pupil is a scary symptom. Hopefully it is something localized to the one eye and relatively easy to treat. Lots of NOT FeLV
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I just found out my cat has cateracts .It is a sad thing and I wish you the best with your loving pet.
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Thanks for the good wishes everyone, Sean's FeLV test came back negative. The doctor ruled out any sort of other infection, leaving only neurological issues as the culprit. That would take a cat scan (haha) to pinpoint, and theres nothing like that for cats in the area. Nor could I afford it if it was. So iwe are just going to keep an eye on it no pun intended. Whatever the cause, its not really threatening his health the doc said, nor could there be much done for it if we knew exactly which neurological issue was at hand. He did say that the dilated pupil was responding to changes in light more slowly than normal. I don't know if his vision is much affected, but he's a house cat so he should get along just fine. Thanks again people.
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