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Beaten by a can of corned beef!

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Ok, you know the cans corned beef comes in, the kind with the little key and you should be able to just slip the key over the little metal tab and open it easy as can be, right? Wrong! I used to open them up all the time when we made corned beef salad for sandwiches. My question is, when did it get so hard? Did they suddenly decide to make the cans childproof (or, in my case adult proof)?

I had the can, and the little key was over the tab. Well, I turned....and nothing. It didn't move a bit. So, then I thought well, maybe I'm turning it the wrong way, so I tried the other direction. Again...nothing. Ok, so maybe I'm doing something wrong (although, it is pretty self expainatory....) so I take the key off...look at it...yes, it is a key, and yes it DOES fit over that little metal tab. So, I try again...both ways (you already know where this is going, right?)....and I break the tab the key.

So, now I spend 10 minutes trying to pry the little broken metal piece from inside the key, breaking two fingernails in the process. And that little piece is wound in there tight! But, I finally get it off, and try to fit it over the itsy-bitsy little piece of metal still sticking up. Of course, that doesn't work because every time I try to turn it, the key just slips off.

In comes DH. I am almost in tears because I am CRAVING a corned beef sandwich for some reason (I wasn't really craving it before, it just sounded good, but after all that, I wanted one...NOW!). I explained the situation and almost threw the can at him.

So, he gets out his pliers. He pulls, he pries, he cusses...he slams the can on the counter (which, BTW, didn't help at all). Finally, he grabs the electric can opener (I knew he was going to try to use power tools) and actually gets the can open...and burns up the motor on the opener in the process (they really aren't made for rectangle cans).

So, I now have a bowl of corned beef salad...and didn't eat a bite. After all that, I lost my craving and had a cheese sandwich instead! But at least a have a very hard earned lunch for tommorrow!
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heeh corned beef? PM me your address i will be showing up,
with some rye and swiss cheese.
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How frustrating!

I`m having the same trouble with the child proof top on a bottle of Night Nurse.
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I haven't bothered useing the little key for a long time now, they always break. I just use a manual can opener. I have to go over a few spots a couple times, but it's always easier then the whole key process.
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I use manual can openers too. It's easier for me and I don't like the fact that most automatic can openers have the can hanging in mid air. That would be messy if it falls.
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I hate opening cans or tins wotsoever! Its soo frustrating..
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I bought one can of corned beef and couldn't get the can open either. It ended up in the trash, completely unopened because the tab broke off in the key too. Never bought it again.
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How frustrating!!

I remember not being able to open a jar of beans and I was almost in tears because I was craving them so much
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Ugh, poor you! That sounds like me this morning! I broke the tab off of one of the darn cat food cans, and spent the next 15 minutes using my (crummy) manual can opener to open it... but I only got the one side done successfully, after which I had to use a spoon and a butter knife to pry the lid off and scoop out the (nasty-smelling) stuff.

... and I bet you anything he didn't even eat it.
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I love that canned corn beef.
I buy it and my family turns their noses up at it.
Says it smells like cat or dog food.
It actually doesn't look too good but it tastes very good!

My electric can opener will turn the corners and work just fine.
I have broken a few key thingys too.
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