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Originally Posted by TigerOnTheProwl View Post

House is kind of the new ER. It's all about medical mysteries. But it's not all serious. Hugh Laurie (the main actor) plays an obnoxious doctor who can make a joke out of basically any situation. But he is the best doctor in the hospital and he ends up solving most cases by coming up with a completely abstract diagnosis. It's pretty interesting and very funny. IMO, one of the best shows of the last five years.
Hmmmm. Sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the explanation!

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ok, if we're talking faves of all time, then...
Quantum Leap, Buffy & What Not To Wear [TLC's & BBC's]

but i watch a lot of stuff! none of the 'reality' shows, per se - some of the makeover ones, which are reality shows, but very different from things like Survivor, Big Brother, The Biggest Loser or The Amazing Race. i don't care for that type.

as i said in another thread - i have no life
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I can't pick one, but some are: The Facts of Life, Style By Jury, Survivor, Will and Grace, Corner Gas, Cold Case Files and American Justice.
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I thought of a few more that I like to watch:

The Brady Bunch
All In the Family
I Dream of Jeannie
Three's Company
I Love Lucy
Home Improvement
Divorce Court (that judge just cracks me up! She tells it like it is! )
American Idol

I'm starting to get into that new show "Moment of Truth. I also like to watch some game shows.

I'm sure there are a few I've forgotten.

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My all time favorite sitcom is Cheers
I can watch it over and over again

Favorite cartoon is SpongeBob
I know all the episodes by heart
and i drive my hubby crazy when
i quote it word for word lol
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My favorites are:

X-Files (still miss it)
Northern Exposure (miss this one, too!)
Quantum Leap

Law and Order franchise

Think those are my faves - sure I am forgetting some - I, too, have noooo life!
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Some of mine are: The Golden Girls, Roseanne, Mama's Family, The Wayans Brothers, Alice, Who's the Boss?, Growing Pains, Family Matters, Empty Nest, Heroes, Frasier, Cheers, Taxi, and a bunch of others I know I'm forgetting LOL
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It seems like I have a time where I get addicted to a couple of shows I watch all the time then I change the shows and get addicted to others. Whatever goes with my schedule! Right now the only time we get a chance to watch tv is late at night and we watch Fresh Prince of Belair and Whose Line is it Anyway. And once in a while Home Improvment. Also, when it is actually on we like to watch Mythbusters. That show is cool! I used to love watching Full House and Family matters!
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I don't really have TV anymore (no antenna, no cable... just a DVD player) but in recent shows, I like The Simpsons and Family Guy.

Another all time favorite is Monty Python's Flying Circus.

I also LOVE the old BBC TV series of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

If I had regular TV, I would also watch The Daily Show and the Colbert Report.
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I like a lot of shows...get smart is good :-)
and all of the law and orders'...csi..simpsons, family guy....
I like to watch dateline now and again..especially that "to catch a predator" series...
always amazes me of how many guys get caught.
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The unit is my favorite tv show.The Unit is an American action-drama television series that focuses on a top-secret military unit modeled after the real-life U.S. I love to watch the unit online.
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Huge fan of the HBO series "ROME". So mad it was only two seasons! Robbed!

Unfortunately, it was one of those cases where its not that it wasn't popular, but being so expensive it had to have crazy high ratings to be as profitable as cheap shows.
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My all time favorite would be Babylon 5. I own all the seasons on dvd. My other favorite was Star Trek Voyager.
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O definately I Love Lucy. You should hear me do the Vitametavegamin commercial! I have seen them hundreds of times and yet still there is something about the show that I think the world needs more now than ever.

Then....o lets see...Everybody Loves Raymond is hilarious! I love Amy's brother, weird!!

I don't care for annimation so Family Guy and Simpsons are not on my list. The old Dick Van Dyke show is brilliant also. My kids got me the collection for Mothers Day.

I love Midsomer Mysteries although they are not available on tv here right now.
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The X-Files. I loved The X-Files.

Other favorites:
Supernatural (Haven't missed an episode in almost six seasons! I think it's been renewed for a seventh season.)
Prison Break (watched it on DVDs, thanks to my co-worker)
Dexter (again, thanks to my co-worker)
True Blood (co-worker again......he loans me DVDs and I bring in lunch and snacks for him from time to time. It works)
Bones (I've just recently discovered Bones and watch it now every chance I get. TNT runs episodes nightly and I've been trying to catch-up.)
Star Trek (A trekkie from way, way back. I loved TNG more than the others, although I was a fan of the original series too....Captain Picard rocked.)
Moonlight (Dear lord, I loved that show and will still sit down to watch the DVDs. And I'm still peeved that it got cancelled, although Alex rocks as McGarrett, on Hawaii 5-0.)
Firefly (co-worker again)

Real oldies, but goodies:
Dick van Dyke Show
Bob Newhart

I don't watch reality shows. DH watches The Amazing Race.
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My all time favorite is "I Love Lucy".
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I'm not sure if I could pick just one. But I do love Little House On the Prairie (wish it was still on ), Cheers & Frasier (never miss 'em - even though I've seen some of the episodes at least 10 times ), and Whose Line Is It, Anyway: that show just cracks me up! I used to love watching American Idol, but not anymore - now that I'm convinced it's rigged.
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The Gates was my favorite show, to bad it was canceled, can rent it from Netflix.
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Great topic! My all time favorite is Seinfeld.

I also love Designing Women (the seasons with Delta Burke, that is), The Amazing Race, King of the Hill, and Unsolved Mysteries. Plus, does anyone remember Tales of the Gold Monkey with Stephen Collins? It wasn't on for that many seasons and I never see reruns, but it was a great show.

As a game show fan, I like The Price is Right and used to love Supermarket Sweep. I tune in almost nightly to GSN for reruns of Family Feud.
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I love the old TV shows the best, I love Lucy of course and Dick Van Dyke. Also lately is Father knows best and The Waltons.
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My all time favorite shows are Soap, Quantum Leap, and Star Trek. Also the mini series Rich Man Poor Man.
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ALL TIME favourite is The X-Files *cough*nerd*cough*. If I could choose a second all time favourite, it would be The Simpsons... As far as I'm concerned, it ended after season 10. Just let me lie to myself, please?

Other old favourites that have ended but that I rewatch regularly: Extras, Summer Heights High, Meerkat Manor, The Office (okay, it's still going, but I stopped watching after the fifth season), Kenny vs. Spenny, Da Ali G Show, We Can Be Heroes, Arrested Development, Home Movies, Important Things With Demetri Martin, Wonder Showzen, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Current favourites (as in stuff that's still on the air): South Park, Family Guy, Louis Theroux's BBC Two Specials (if that counts, a new one comes out every two or three months) Aqua Teen Hunger Force, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Robot Chicken. As you can see, I have extremely high brow taste in television.

Aside from that, I watch a loooooot of Animal Planet/Discovery Channel/Nova/Natural World/National Geographic/etc. documentaries, both old and new.

And since so few of my favourites are still on the air I'm trying to get into 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation, but I've only just started.
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All-time favorite... oh gosh, it has to be The Andy Griffith Show, for so many sentimental reasons.

But also The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Smothers Brothers, I Love Lucy, The Avengers (but only the Emma Peel years), Magnum P.I., Bosom Buddies, WKRP In Cincinnati, Saturday Night Live (but mostly just the first few years), Cheers, Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue, Everybody Loves Raymond, and the very best TV show ever -- The West Wing.

And currently, it's Deadliest Catch and Househunters International and Brad Meltzer's DECODED.

But I do so love my secret little treasure of a show that hardly anyone remembers, because it didn't last long... Tales of the Gold Monkey! If I were going to live in a TV show, that would be the one.
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