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How do I make a flashing avatar & signature?

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I know how to post a picture on my avatar or signature . But I'd love to have ALL my pets included : - flashing for my avatar
- several small pics next to each other for the signature . Can somebody please explain this ?? Thanks!
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Hi Lut

I was going to try to explain how to make the flashing avatar... it's just an animated gif, but I don't think I can really explain it unless you use the gimp for your picture editting utility, so I could give you step by step instructions.

As for a bunch of small pictures at the bottom for your signature, you would just need to get together all the pictures you wanted to put there... size them down so they all fit nicely across, and paste them next to each other into one file, like a .jpg file.

In any case, I'm noticing I can't really explain myself here, but if you'd like to send me some pictures of your babies, I would be happy to try to work on a flashing avatar for you and a lineup of pics for your signature. I'm not really good at creative stuff, but I did make Luv Those Paw's avatar, so you can expect something like that if you'd like me to try.
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In case you wanted to see the flashing avatar. There it is over there.

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I don't see any flashing images over there. . .just one kitty photo. I'd love to do a changing/flashing avatar too though!
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Opps. . . now it's flashing. I swear it wasn't before.

I'll just go now. . .
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If you want to send me some pictures too, Big Kat, I could try to make you a flashing avatar.
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I make my avatars with a programme called Unfreez, you can download it free from the net. Then, the pics have to be the right size (I believe it's 50x50 pixels in this forum?) and in .gif format. Then just drag the pics into that Unfreez programme, set a time (like 150-170) and press make animated gif. And tada, your avatar is ready. And the sig pics, well, just make the pics small enough so you can put few in line or under each other. Of course, you need a picture software for doing all this.
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Ok, I checked out Unfreez. It looks great! Unfortunately, it's only compatible with Windows, and I run Mac OS.

So, who wants to volunteer to make one with my kittens for me?
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I can try to make one for you too Deb. Just be warned I am not all that talented... but I can make the picture toggle back and forth! :tounge2:
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Lut - I pm'd you back.

Big Kat and Deb25 - if you want to email me pictures, you can send them to garubaja@adelphia.net :tounge2: and I'll see what I can do.
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Check out my boys on my new avatar, courtesy of Lhezzza! I'm so very jazzed. Thanks a million!
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Looks good Deb!
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