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Eliminating without knowing? New issue with my cat..

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Hi. I posted earlier about constipation and UTI, but something new has just happened a few seconds ago. My cat came into my room, and I petted him, then realized he left a "present" in the doorway. He immediately turned around as if realizing it himself, then went back downstairs. Did he not realize he was going? This wasn't the "tootsie roll" size of the others, but a regular size... (sorry, trying not to be gross) .. present. It -reeked-, far worse than regular poo. Any insight .... and sorry if I'm wasting anyone's time. Thanks for any help.
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Oh, you aren't wasting anyone's time!! Didn't you take him to the vet today? Did they happen to take his temp or anything? I know my girls have had accidents after having their temps taken....and I always blamed it on the lubricating jelly. It may be a good idea to call your vet and ask,tho.
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No, he is going to the vet in the morning. I bought him some wet food, and he has been eating that. This wasn't soft, it was rather hard. But I noticed his rear end has some mushy on it, and I gently got off the majority. I will update in the morning after I get him back from the vet..
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You have a long-haired right? Is it possible that it got stuck to his fur and just fell off? (a couple times that happened to my long-haired, but there was litter on the poop that showed me that they didn't just poop on the floor)....seems weird if it was a hard, formed poop and he didn't need to squat (did you see if he squatted?)
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It could have just gotten stuck to his furr!
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It could have, I didn't think about that (I'm the worst for worst case scenarios!) I got home from work this morning and he just went to the pan. Nice normal poo, yay! He's still going to the vet here in a few minutes... so will update on the results .. hopefully we get out of there quick. Thank you all for your kind replies.
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Thankfully, everything went very well. Boo-boo did not need to be sedated, and the employees all cooed over him. He weighs 11 pounds! He was stressed, hid in my stomach and elbow.. but made it. He has a bladder infection, had a trace of blood in the sample. Vet gave him a shot of penicillin, and gave me some antibiotics to use. I'm to call him back on Friday to make sure he's improving. They never forced me to part with him, I got to stay with him all the way (Which I hope helped) and he got his rear shaved to boot - and was unbelievably still while they did it. So all is done, at the tune of a price which was a bit less than I expected and we were out within the hour. He's home, purring, and reaaaaaally happy. He'll knock out in a bit and sleep like a log. Thank you for all of your guys help, it was really appreciated during my freaking out and not knowing how to handle it. Glad I found this place. Have a great day
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I know nobody may be reading this still since it's on the second page, just had to tell everyone my cat pooped! YAY! I'm so happy, running around cooing at him. He thinks I'm crazy. I am sure I will never again be so excited about poop again.
I went and got him some cat lax, and tried putting it on his foot since he wouldn't eat it on his own. THAT was a big, huge mistake. He wouldn't lick it, just shook it everywhere and then it wouldn't come off for anything. So I just took a pea size amount and put it in his mouth. He ate it. And he pooped. Okay, off for more congratulating.
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Mi-ke did something like that once. Actually, I was finding some poops outside of the box, and I wasn't sure how they got there. Then I saw her running from the dining room to the kitchen, and she paused for a second, went, and kept running. I don't know if all the stray ones happened the same way, but maybe. Anyway, she was going every day, so she didn't seem to have anything wrong, and since Tora joined us, we've not had a problem (besides them kicking them out of the box when they scrape).
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Your kitty has my kitties name! BooBoo!! I thought it was pretty original at the time too!! Oh well!! I wanna see what he looks like so I can see if he looks anything like my little man! (he's in my siggy, he's the all grey one that you can barely see! ) Mine is 7 y/o and such a good little boy! So, could ya put up some pics so I can compare! (sorry, never seen anyone with the same cat name as him!)
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I don't have any pics of him online yet, but have been meaning to get some put on CD He is a long hair, white (With dashes of very light cream/tan, there's a name for it but I can't remember) male Persian. He doesn't have the mushed in nose so much .. This is NOT my cat but he looks exactly like this, except he has yellow/green eyes:
We call em jellybean eyes. His name is Grayson's Edge on paper. I call him snickerdoodle (Reminds me of the cookie) and Boo-Boo. He responds to boo boo the best, and snickerdoodle when he's upset and stressed (at the vet's) .. I'm not sure why we started calling him Booboo
I will try to get some pics soon so I can make a signature. Another odd thing he does, is when he gets to playing (Chasing a ball, just plain running like a streak) he has to stop and run to the bathroom. I guess he gets too excited. I say "Uhoh, wait, gotta go poo."
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Ooooh, I LOVE long haired white kitties. He must be gorgeous. I'm glad he is doing well.
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haha thats so funny! That cat is beautiful and if yours looks just like it he is beautiful as well! Heres a pic of my BOOBOO!!

I put it in a direct link so alls you have to do to see him is give it a click! He is a beautiful Inbred grey kitty! (yes he is seriously inbred! His daddy is his brother!! I think the technical name is domestic short hair! Cant wait to see the pics!
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Your baby is BEAUTIFUL! He has the most beautiful colors. Has yours taken on odd qualities in your home? For example, My booboo started trying to use the toilet, (way before he got sick the first time) and did it for quite awhile then quit (He always got the toilet seat ) and he will not drink out of a bowl, it has to be a glass. He won't eat "cat grass" but he'll chew on twigs. I almost had a huuuuge problem on my hands when I took him out one day and he started eating the azalea bushes (poisonous, and he unfortunately loves em, so I keep him away) He won't eat the meat in wet canned food, but he'll eat the gravy (I've written Hill's politely asking them to come up with an all gravy/mostly gravy for cats like him, I end up throwing 3/4 of a can away and it's 2.34 a can!) He's terrified of bugs, birds, squirrels and even fake plush toys, but he tried chasing a huge dog once (I have always had him on a harness, one for a small dog, the cat ones wouldn't fit!) and he hates human males, can't stand their voices. He's like a Mensa puzzle! ("She'll take a taxi but not a cab, she'll sit at a table but not a booth" or something, )
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