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Evening ceremony

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Evening ceremony
What is the last thing you do with your cats before you go to bed ???

I always insist to pick them up both together , bring them to their "sleeping room" , and give them both a long good hug !!!
Maya immediately jumps in her cat-bed . It used to be Sydney's favorite bed too!

Inka always needs to make a tour of the room and inspect if nothing has changed there . Then a last good drink , and hup , she joins Maya in the same warm & soft cat-bed !
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Rowdy likes to jump onto the bed and play, for a while. Opie waits to see if there's going to be any "activity" before he comes to bed. He then comes up, to me, for petting and settles next to me, to sleep. Rowdy sleeps at the foot of the bed.
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We play with each of them for 10 or 15 minutes, and then when we get into bed, they all three come running into the bedroom. Gary always tries to grab Shelly to give him a kiss, and Shelly usually squirms around and then heads straight into his bed (on Gary's bedside table).

I give Laz a hug, which he tolerates. Then Lazlo usually starts by sleeping on my feet, and then as I toss and turn to get comfy, he heads to his bed, which is a sheepskin on my bedside table.

Spooky heads into her tube, because she's huggable and we already hugged her before we went to bed.

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Here's a pic of the little guy, having a stretch in bed:


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i wuv kitty stretches!! he is so cute!
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I usually read in bed for awhile before going to sleep.
All of the cats except for Razpy will take up positions around me:
Khan on the nightstand, Ivan and Yuri at the end of the bed, and Sasha on one of the pillows. The funny thing is that as soon as I turm off the light, all but Sasha leave.
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Oh, that's so sweet though!
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I love Lazlo!! Lucky I'm not closer or I'd have to steal him for some snuggles!

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For evening rituals, Nakita usually follows me around since I'm the last to go to bed. Then she watches me brush my teeth etc.

Then I shut off all the lights and close the door to the upstairs bedroom area on the second floor. Usually, I have to count to 10 then reopen the door. She is usually waiting to come up to bed with us since she probably gets scared of being alone in the dark downstairs!

Then she sleeps with me the entire night.

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They all 5 sleep on our bed,most of the time ,we can't roll over without moving a cat first!
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Socks and I play "shoebox" for about 20 minutes before bed.
I have a shoebox where Socks' toys go when I'm at school. This shoebox goes in my dresser, because the shoebox is full of the "forbidden" toys that I'm not comfortable letting her play with when I'm not here. (eg, toy mice with big eyes.) It's a ritual we have... I get all the toys in my bedroom and put them in the shoebox. Socks has fun taking them out of the box and hiding them while I brush my teeth. Then, just before I'm ready to go to bed, we play a little game of hide and seek with her favorite toys. After that, I give her some treats to distract her and the shoebox goes away for another day.
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heh, I give ours the last feeding for the day, and that distracts them so I can close the bedroom door without trapping them inside
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I get two vultures when I get ready for bed. They think they need kitty treats every night, even though I don't give them treats every night. (Trent has a sensitive tummy and if I give him treats too many nights in a row, or more than I should (4), they are apparently too rich and he oops (throws up).) They definitely try every night, though. If they get treats they run out of the bedroom to play and join me to sleep later. Sometimes when I'm reading Ophelia will curl up on my lap, and when I shift to actual sleeping position she jumps down, eats a little then comes back up and makes herself comfy for sleeping. Trent sleeps down by my feet/calves. I'm really warm at night.
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Sherral, if you think it's hard to roll over in bed with 5 cats around, you, try doubling that number!

Coal usually will sleep in between us with his head on my pillow, tucked under the covers. Max sleeps on my hip, fortunately she is only about 5 or 6 lbs! The others array themselves around us.

Sometimes, we need to clear them all off the bed with a bribe of treats, because we literally can't get in the bed otherwise!:tounge2:
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