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Possibly Sick Kitty???

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My kitten shrimp, whom I've been looking after for about 3 and a half weeks now, and is still very young, possibly aroung 8 - 9 weeks old(I helped rescue her and then fell for her and decided I'd sign over my freedom to her)....

The day before yesterday, I noticed her eyes were watering quite a bit. That, and she's begun making a very strange sound on occasion that basically sounds like she's congested. And she sneezes rather frequently as well. There haven't been any changes in her diet, I keep the temperature in my apartment at a constant temp. Frankly, there have been no changes to her surroundings or the way she is treated. But, its as though she's allergic to something...

I know most of you are probably thinking, "you heartless irresponsible %#*&%$& this has been going on almost 3 days now and you haven't taken her to a vet yet?!" To which I really apologize. I broke a tooth the same day she started doing this, and its literally rendered me useless with the exception of feeding her and cleaning out her boxes... I just today went to the dentist and paid $2200 to get it fixed. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this, or even, what THIS is ?? I've got savage allergies (I'm actually even allergic to her to a small extent) and I'd swear that it seems like she's allergic to something, but... i have no idea. The fact that she hasn't gotten over this yet, and my lack of sleep, combined with some pretty heavy pain killers for this oral surgery are all coming together and really making me freak out..
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Ask a friend or relative to take her to the vet. Kittens, even older ones are susceptible to many nasty bacterial infections. Your kitty needs antibiotics as badly as you do. Good luck with your tooth problem.
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Willing to bet its a case of upper respirtory infection. She needs to see a vet asap to get it cleared up before it gets worse.
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honestly, URI had crossed my mind, but at the same time, I was like, "well... the only reason you're thinking that is because thats what most people jump on directly...." I really don't know many of the symptoms related to URI's... The vet I usually take any cats I'm currently housing is out of town, which wasn't really a problem because I could barely stay awake long enough to tend to her until I got this tooth under control today. I send some of my design work to a sign shop here in town, and I'm pretty good friends with the woman who works there. I'll probably ask her what vet she uses. She breeds chocolate labs, so she should know of a good one. Its rare to find them out here... most of the vets only care about horses and livestock.
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