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Morning ceremony

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What is the first thing your cats do when they get in the same room with you in the morning ??

My cats sleep in a seperate room ; later this will change into part of our bird-house (the indoor part) .

As soon as my hubby gets up in the morning , he sets the cat "free" ; they rush right to the living-room . First they both scratch their nails on the pole , then , the herd follows Bernard into the kitchen , to beg for their breakfast!!!

Then , it is time to join mommy in bed !! Yep !! They both love it to join me under the covers for a while . Five minutes later , Maya jumps away to lay on top of the duvet , but Inka crawls right into the warmest spot against my head & arm and starts a long purring session !!
I love these moments !
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Rowdy gets up, with Bill and joins him in the bathroom. She comes back, to the bedroom and "helps" him get dressed. After he leaves for work, she comes back to bed until I get up.

Opie will, sometimes, stay in bed all day long. He, usually, gets up between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. That cat must have an amazing bladder capacity!
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Ivo comes and joins me, and I must sit on the floor and pet her and tell her how much I love her until she walks out to her food bowl. Sometimes, she'll jump on the bed and lick/eat my hair. Then, before I can get ready, I have to feed her.
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Jamie jumps up on me and wraps himself around my neck. Then he licks my ears and the back of my head, and "combs" the hair around my temples with his claws. After that he runs downstairs to get his breakfast. He's done this ever since he was a little kitten. Sometimes my husband is also included in the ritual.
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ed will announce his breakfast time to us anywhere between 5:00 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. by walking through our room and making a verbal decree. coco stays in bed with us most of the night (and most of the day, too -- lazy cat). She has, in the last week, taken to staring at us periodically through the night. so in the morning i usually wake up to her intense gaze and sometimes some kneading. do you think she's plotting out demise?
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Our cats usually wake us up. We cleared out a cabinet over the head of the bed for them to have more 3-dimensional space - but we close it up a night so when they wake up for their play session at between 3:00 and 4:00am, they don't wake us up by jumping on us.

Now, it starts with Lazlo - usually somewhere between 6:00 and 7:30 standing next to my ear, trilling. "Open up the cabinet, Mom!!!" Shelly is usually still asleep in his bed (on Gary's bedside table), and Spooky doesn't come out of her tube (where she sleeps - it's the second layer of three created next to my side of the bed) until breakfast time, which is between 7:30 and 8:00.

Lazlo always joins me in the bathroom, where he needs to get his pets and rub his cheek on all the cabinet doors. He stands up on the edge of the sink to "play" with the water he sees rolling down the other side of the shower door.

When I leave, Lazlo rolls too. Shelly usually heads in there then - and it is too funny. He hops into the sink, and starts "digging." His paws fly furiously, slipping down the side of the sink. I guess he's digging himself a nest, because he always lies down and plops his front arms over the edge of the sink. It is so funny!

Here's Shelly in the sink:

What a character!
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he he , Shelly is telling mommy : "come on mommy , time to get yourself a bit decent !!"
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Clould Dancer gets right in my face and purrs real loud,intill I get up and put food in his dish,if I go to the bathroon first,he followes me in and rubs his face on my legs,intill I get up and feed him!Then he takes 3 or 4 bites and go and layes in frount of the wood stove.
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Fred starts about 7:30 trying to wake me. It starts by him sitting on me and staring. When that does not work, he will knead on me, he knows right where my bladder is. If I go back to bed without feeding him, he will sometimes come snuggle for awhile. If he gets tired of waiting, he will eventually bite my nose or eyebrow. If that doesn't work, he will pull on my eyebrow piercing. That usually sends me screaming out of bed. Then all of sit by their bowls and look at me until I feed them.
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