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Vet Says Clean His Teeth

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I have a ten yr. old cat who the vet says needs to have his teeth cleaned. He has no gum problems, swelling redness, etc. In fact he got a clean bill of health at his check up yesterday other than the teeth problem Two years ago the vet told me the same thing. He did a blood workup on the cat and found high liver enzyme. A month later he redid the bloodwork and the liver enzyme was still elevated. I opted to hold off on the teeth cleaning. Now, two years later, this cat has had no health problems. The dr. says he might just use enough gas to get the job done rather than giving a drug that the liver would have to clear out. Need some help deciding. What would you do??
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10 years without a single tooth brushing... wouldn't you want your teeth cleaned too??

Better now than in 4 years when he REALLY needs it, but has too many health problems for safe anesthesia. Prevention is almost always the best medicine.

Also, if you are going to pay for anesthesia, get it done RIGHT. If your vet doesn't offer dental x-rays, then you should find a vet who does. 30% of cats suffer from Feline Oral Resorptive lesions, which are only visible with radiographs early on, but are extremely painful for your cat.
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WEIGH it carefully.... I would NOT ... but then again I have now dealt with kindeys( why did I keep cleaning her teeth) and liver dog ( who will NOT go under)
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Hmm, Im not sure what I would do in this situation!

I mean, I might want my teeth clean, but I dont know about getting put under just to do it! Can't you just brush them?? I do that at home with my cats all the time... My brother has a cat that has no teeth! (he's 14 y/o) and he does fine without them! Let us know what you decide! sorry I wasn't any help!
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