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Monday"s DT

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Thought I start this since I was up.How much snow did you get? We got a couple of inches.The worst problem we had was the wind.It was cold! I did nothing yesterday except by food,thought I was going to freeze! Spent way to much,allways do. Prices keep going up! Spesking of that,What is the price of gas per gallon in your area?Our'S is $1.75,It's getting to expence to drive!
Today I am going to finish spring cleaning.Pay bill's.Stay in side where it's warm! Hope everyone has a nice day,try to stay warm,you guy's who live where it's warm,try to stay cool!
I hit 300!
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Originally posted by sherral46
What is the price of gas per gallon in your area?Our'S is $1.75,It's getting to expence to drive!

Here in England, our petrol (or should I say gas ) is between 76p and 80p per litre, which works out at between £2.88 and £3.03 per gallon - this is $4.55 to $4.78 per gallon (if my conversions are correct)

How's that for expensive!!!
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Local average is $1.68. The cheapest that I've seen, lately, is $1.63. Fortunately, Bill's truck is a 4-cylinder and my Olds gets very good mileage.

Going for a job interview, today. Its for Customer Service rep, at a call center. Training pay is $9.00/hr, with a bump to $11.00 after that. I'm hoping for part-time. With my widow's pension, I can do all right.

My VA medical insurance came through, this weekend. Good deal: no premiums and reasonable co-pays. I can get my maintenance meds, for free, too. My current doctor is a provider so I don't have to switch.

Have a good week.
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Good luck Cindy!!!!! Hope you get the job!

(I'll be back later to post more.....just had a minute before logging off and driving to work! )
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Here it is about time for me to do some grocery shopping ! As I was sick for quite a while (back-problems) , we ran out of so much things ...! Even the toilet paper is really getting rare here .... And , who can do without that , huh !!
I also need a new supply of litter-box filler !! With 2 cats , we need much more than before!!!
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i agree with you lut - time got past us and we havent gotten the groceries yet - oops! like you, even loo paper is running out!
I dont have much planned today, after Jake finishes school, we have to go and get the groceries, yay, my favourite time of the day
I have no idea what I will do today, but you can be sure you will be seeing me around here!
Good luck Cindy on your job interview - fingers and toes crossed!

Have a great day everyone!
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Stormy weather here as well. Lots of rain this year - which is great really.

Not doing much other than working working working. Between the course and running the two sites I seem to be doing nothing else. I'm not complainig though! I enjoy every minute of it! I'm working on the strays and ferals lesson right now and then I need to work on the indoors/outdoors issue for another lesson. I need to do as much as I can before hissy wakes up in Oregon and makes me work on the sites :tounge2:

Sherral - Congrats on becoming an alpha cat! Is there a special party thread yet?
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way to go sherral!!

gas is about the same price here. i'm fortunate, too, that my car gets great gas mileage and i don't drive so far for work.

cindy - i'm hoping for you!!!

muwhaaaa! i got groceries friday night. i went to super walmart at about 11 p.m. it was a little weird.
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We were running out of toilet paper - and forgot to get it when we went grocery shopping! But the next two days, Gary stopped at convenience stores twice - so now we're rolling in toilet paper! Sorry - bad pun.

I think I'm getting sick.

Today's just a quiet day. Working, spending time here. The memory stick on my camera is full, so I need to download all those pics at some point. And I've got a couple more rescue stories that need to be uploaded to the Save Samoa site.

Other than that, Gary and I are just working out what to do with the rest of our lives....what we should do about our current job or new ones in this really difficult environment....

Hope everyone is having a great day, and that those who aren't well are getting better - and that those who are running out of toilet paper get some soon!

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Originally posted by Kiwideus
toes crossed!

gee , how do you do THAT ???????
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its not hard to cross my toes, they may be little ones but i can cross them. is this abnormal?
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I can cross my big toe and the second toe, but not any of the other ones without using my hands to do it.

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So this is becoming a toe crossing thread huh? Interesting! :LOL:

I'm the same as you Laurie. Big toe over second toe and that's it though...not the other way around.

Gas here is: 78.4 cents a litre (no idea gallon wise )

Sherral! Congrats on the new title!

Sal.....wish I knew how to convert amounts but I don't.

Lut and Kellye: Have fun grocery shopping! Did mine on saturday before the storm and...oh yeah...stocked up on loo paper too!!!!

Anne....still don't know how you do it all! You are one busy gal! But....we appreciate your hard work!

Okay...back to toes: Can you cross them??????:tounge2:
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Originally posted by Whisker's mom

Gas here is: 78.4 cents a litre (no idea gallon wise )
On the weekend, the price of gas was 79.5 cents a litre. They are expecting it to go as high as 90 cents in another month!

And I remember when gas was running 49 cents a litre. Whaaaa!! Thank god we only have one car and we have the option to use public transit or car pooling.

Rob is now really sick with the cold and Nakita doesn't understand why he is in bed. She keeps jumping up on the bed and meowing directly into his face! It's like she's saying: Hey human, get yourself to work! Your wrecking my normal schedule!

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Hope Rob feels better soon, Kass!

Hot green tea and chicken soup. That's our remedy.

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Thanks Laurie! It's just too weird seeing him sick because he is never sick!!

Yeah, tea is the order of the day. Even, when he's not sick he is a big tea drinker!

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THAT was a wasted makeup job and trip! I had already e-mailed a resume and they e-mailed me, to come in for an interview. After filling out some paperwork, I was told, by the receptionist, that they require 3 months computer experience. I told HER that they should have listed that in the job posting. She said (nastily), "We did." There was a flyer, on her desk, with the job qualifications on it. NOTHING about computer experience! I shoved it under her nose and said, "Yeah, right!" I am p.o.'d!
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kass, well wishes for rob!

cindy, sorry the job did not work out! you are right, though. they should be specific about what they want.
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Well I went ahead and bleached my dark brown hair yesterday - left it on for TWO HOURS (box said no longer than 60 min., but it wasn't getting light enough) and now my hair is a hundred shades of orange!! :afrorainb :afrorainb (and who thought :afrorainb wasn't a useful smilie?! ) So this morning I'm doing the red color, and I hope it turns out. I'm a little (ok, very) nervous. I have to work tomorrow too! I have pics of before and the current orange stage, so depending on how it turns out in the end I may post them!

Rest of the day is packing. Yuck!

Good luck on the job katl8e!
Congrats Sherral!

Gas here is about $1.90-$2.05 or so I think.

Have a good lunchtime/afternoon. I'll be back. . .

my hair -> :rainbow:
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gas here is $1.99/gal. Ugh. Thank goodness I live across the street from a mall! There's a convenience store down the street for cigs, a winco across the street for groceries, my bank's about 1/2 mile away on the far side of the mall. At least I'll get some exercise today! Mike's fishing...again... I think he's having a lot of fun fishing with my dad, it's good to see them doing stuff together!

Gotta figure out something for breakfast, and work out meals for the week before going to the store!
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Katl8e, sorry to hear that about the job. I must have missed that when I wrote my post. It's ridiculous on their part to do that because it just wastes their time as well if they don't clearly state what they're looking for.

Better luck next time. I'm sure something will come up!
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