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Does everyone know about Craigslist

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The website is You can sell your old things on there for free! and you can also barter things and post for things you want! Its is 100% free I have made money on there just selling old baby clothes and items from around the house I did not want anymore.
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i love that site!! i get alot of stuff, and sell stuff to, its great!
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Yup I frequent it and normally it is the pets section.....
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Oh yes... I used to peruse CL long before it had spread to all over... it had just come to the SF/bay Area when I started, and it was one of the first few regions to be included...

I try to sell stuff on there... sometimes with success, sometimes not... I'm going to relist something i have... I haven't gotten a bite yet... I may go under 'garage sale' but I don't know... it didn't sell in housewares...

I'm used to the site... even with all the garbage that goes on there...

One tip for selling (as i got caught up in a scam through CL): at the bottom of your post, put the following: "Cash only, pick up only, no scammers, first response gets first chance."

I got burned, BIG time by a Nigerian scammer through CL. So be very careful... unlike eBay, CL can't do anything, only warn you. Be cautious about responses... I actually ask that they tell me what neighborhood of Portland they live in... to prove they live here...

So, be careful, but have fun. Just be aware that they do love to hit sellers on CL.

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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
Yup I frequent it and normally it is the pets section.....
I'm there as well lmao. Along with the housing section now that im searching for a home to rent.
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John and I love craigslist... he has bought and sold many cars and motorcycles through craigslist!
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yup, I knew a guy that furnished his entire house through craigslist

I sold a couple of things on there as well.
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I check craigslist often.. but have never bought or sold anything from there. i think it is more popular in some states than others.
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I've applied for jobs on there before. I also sold some concert tickets once.
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we got a $200 countertop dish washer for $40 on there! I love the site!
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I like craigslist, but I prefer to use because its more popular around here.
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One of my friends found a really good job on there.
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