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Can your feet gain weight?

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I just tried on a pair of really cute super high super cute heels and they were really tight especially around the toe area. I haven't worn them for a while and this was back when I was about 30lbs lighter. Could tit be my feet got fatter as well?
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yes they do
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I don't know. I've gained 45 pounds in eight months and I don't think my feet are any fatter. I think swollen feet can be a sign of retaining water or something.
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Too much salt in your diet could cause your feet to swell. And so does high altitude. Or your shoes could've lost its shape a bit for not being worn for a while.
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Yes, when you gain weight it affects your whole body, not just parts. We have a fat layer surrounding all of our muscles, including toes and fingers

Also, our feet tend to swell as the day goes by. The best time to shop for shoes is later in the day.
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Yup! I went from an 8W to a 7.5M/8N show after I lost weight.

(now can you imagine diet commercials using that line? )
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It could be too I just realized because of my period which just surprised me. I'll have to give them another shot once the water weight has gone down a bit. If not time to step up my time on the treadmill. I'm sure my SO will love that tid bit of motivation
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I've lost 100lbs and a shoe size. It can happen.

Edit: My feet always swell when I have my period, so that's no big deal.
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