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Unsure (Persian owners look here!)

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First off I do plan to get Quincy to the vet just because he's new and needs a check up. So since I got him a few days ago he has a funky weezy way of breathing. When he gets upset it sounds really bad but if he is just chilling he sounds fine. Im just wondering because of his flat face its a normal breed trait? Kinda like how Pugs and Bull Dogs sound when they breath. Like I said either way we are going to the vet. Im just wondering if he could have a upper respitory infection? I have no idea.
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I don't know much about those little pushed in faces, but can only guess they would have some sort of breathing "sounds". It certainly won't hurt to have the vet check him for a URI. Hopefully someone with more knowledge of the breed will be along soon to allay your concerns.
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Did Quincy come from a shelter? Sneezing and wheezing is pretty normal in cats when they first come home, especially from shelters. My older cat, Matilda, is part Persian and has the smushed nose and she did the same thing when she came home. Most of the time, it will go away on its own. Persian cats are more likely to have respiratory infections.

I found this website when I was in the same situation, you might find it helpful:

Congratulations on your new pet!
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I got him from my uncle actually. He couldn't keep him and so I took him. Im not really sure whats up. I am going to call my vet tomarow morning and try and get him in tomarow if possible.
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Simon doesn't wheeze but you can hear him breathing at times. He does snort and snore when he sleeps.
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
Simon doesn't wheeze but you can hear him breathing at times. He does snort and snore when he sleeps.

Yeah same with Severino But it's best to check with your vet like you said..good luck at the vet!
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See I guess im not sure if im just hearing hearing him breath or if its wheezing. Im pretty clueless since he's my first Persian and really just know what I have read. Like I said I want to get him in the vet just to be safe.
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It depends on where his nose is...if it's right smack in the middle of the head (as breed standards want) and it's a tiny nose, I wont be surprised if he wheezes/has breathing sounds especially after play. If the nose is "dropped" with a little bit of a bridge then, yes, I would be more concerned....

The vet check is a good idea to make sure that everything's fine
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We have a himalayan. But for intends and purposes, he's a persian (same face, same nose, same flat face). Yes, ours is an extreme face (flat face).

He's also a new cat of ours. He sneezes mostly due to the new environement and the cold temperature over here, but doesn't do the wizzes that you spoke of. This breed does have heavy breathing after long exercises, I've noticed.

I suggested you contact your vet. I'm interested in his diagnosis. Hope this is helpful.
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