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So I have lived here with my mom for going on three years. Its an old house that was redone and its pretty nice for a city home. So not long after we moved in we had two orange and white kittens (Sebastion and Rooney). At night we would put them in the basement because they loved to trash th ce house at night.

Numerous times I would go into the living room at night and this big black cat would run past. I usually caught him out of the corner of my eye. At first I would think it was the kittens but they were always secured in the basment. I grew up in a full on haunted house as a child like we had it surveyed and it was heavily haunted. So I wasent so daunted by this "ghost cat".

One day out of nowhere my mom goes "Have you seen that black cat?" and sure enough I had. I knew I wasent just seeing things because she saw him too. It got wilder over time. I would lay in my bed at night and would feel the weight of something jumping on my bed. But nothing was ever there. I started to feel things brush against my legs or my face. But it was only ever in my room. So when I moved out and then because of injury moved back home this fall I didn't move back into that room.

I still to this day see the large black cat even though all our cats now have free roam of the house 24/7 . But I know when its him. I know I sound crazy lol but other people have seen him so im not as crazy as I sound lol. Just had to share.
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Do your other cats seem to notice it?
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At least it's just a cat. I rather have a cat then a little girl or boy. *Shivers*
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how do u know its not just a stray hanging around?
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
Do your other cats seem to notice it?
I'm curious too...
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I am not surprised. My boyfriend sees his late cat out of the corners of his eyes and "feels" him on the bed. Other TCS member have reported ghost cats, too. And that description feeling not seeing, corners of the eyes, yep, that's a spirit.

He must be very attached to the place.

Kinda sad. It would be nice to send him to the rainbow bridge.
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I agree...I would much rather see a cat or other animal than a "ghost child"....I hate it when the dog or cat is doing something and then suddenly stares down the dark hall or looks over your shoulder intently into space....and nothing is there....

OK, now I have creeped myself out...LOL!
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Well your home will be free of ghost mice
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