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alpha roll

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Does an alpha roll work on cats? There's this cat that's a real bully and I'm tempted to try this on him. It works on dogs, but what about cats?
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If you do it correctly, it will work. It is not like the dog's alpha roll (where some dog owners are rough, and shake the dog and growl) If your cat is beating up on another cat, or doing something out of control, scoop him up quickly and gently. Kneel down, place him on his back, place one hand on his belly DO NOT PRESS HIM DOWN. And release in 3 seconds No more, no less. Don't make eye contact, and if he squirms LET HIM UP IMMEDIATELY. He got the message.
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Alpha rolls on dogs is asking for trouble. Growling at your dog is a big no no to me! Sorry, since the topic came up I had to say my opinion!!
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My dog friends who have used alpha rolls have done so only as a last resort, when all other methods have failed. My friend Dave has big dogs known for their protective instincts who are standoffish with strangers. These beautiful guardians took one look at me and smiled the most beautiful doggie smiles at me and we were friends from that second. But he worked with someone who insisted on bringing their yappy little anklebiter to work. He got sick and tired of taking crap from the dog, despite his attempts to be friendly and "bribe" the dog with treats. Dog pulled some crap when no one else was around, he did an alpha roll and it solved the problem.

If a cat is feral, I can understand and accept some attitude problems from the cat and make allowances. But this one in particular is just a plain, old fashioned bully. And I'm tired of him picking on all my nice cats. This is a last resort kind of thing which I shall consider very carefully before trying.
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A lot of times people read... oh dogs and alpha rolls...and try it without understanding it. I'd roll that yapper too. IMO most little dogs are allowed to get away with too much!
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