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Kitty Ears

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What do you use to clean out your kittys ears? People have told me different things to use I wanted to see how many people use the same stuff or if I can find something else that sounds better to use.
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I let the vet do it because both of my cats go insane if you touch their ears and I don't want to get covered in scratches.
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I'm very careful and have always used q-tips to clean out their ears. But you have to hold the cat's head really still so you don't poke too deep. Usually you just clean what you can see and only go in a little bit.

Both Ling and Charlie have pretty clean ears. My rex, Spooky, used to get one ear more dirty/waxy then the other but that's typical for a rex as there is no fur inside the ears to keep the dirt out.
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I use baby wipes, gently flip their ear inside out and wipe. Takes only a few seconds and they don't mind.
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Qtips... but Hennessy is very patient with me cleaning his ears, so unless someone (ie. the dog) tries to bother him, he isn't jerking all over the place.
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I use q-tips too, just very carefully and not too deep.
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I use baby wipes. I have heard to many warnings about using Q-tips, including pushing wax in deeper or even injuring your pet. We had problems here with ear mites. I had to clean and medicate my cats ears every three days for a month. Talk about a nightmare!!!!!
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Don't know if you're talking about cotton wool, qtips or the products that go into the ears before cleaning!

There are all sorts of products you can use but be warned that some of them may cause more ear wax build up than others!

Doesn't matter if you use q tips or cotton wool/balls or baby wipes actually

In a pinch, baby oil (mineral oil) can be used to clean out cat's ears instead of the various products available.
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