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Need to find a shelter that will take a FeLV positive cat!

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My husband brought home a stray last night... We set him up in a bedroom where the other cats aren't aloud... This morning I took him in for FeLV/FIV testing... He tested a very weak postive for FeLV...

I can't keep him because of all my cats I already have. I was hoping to find a person or shelter that would take him in. I will drive anywhere in the state of florida... I dont care where... Whatever it takes to help this guy out...

He is a male (not neutered) Himalayan. He is about 1 year old. He only weighs 3.8 pounds.. (thats how underweight he is!)
If anyone wants to adopt him I will get him neutered and vaccinated!!

PLEASE... if anyone has ANY ideas that could help me!!! I really wan't to help save this poor guy!

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I'm sorry you didn't get the diagnosis you were looking for
You've done a lot for this stray, and he is VERY handsome, and will only get more gorgeous with a bit of love and... in his case.. food. I wish you all the best. I'd take him in a shot but I'm in MA!
Hoping you find him a home, best of luck
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oh crikey I will PM you
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I was hoping he would test Neg.
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We are sending out another test in hopes (I know a long shot) that the first was a false postive... This test is called a PCR... I dont know a lot about it, but the vets at work said that this will give a more diffinative answer... it takes 5-7 days for the results though... so more waiting...

I just really dont want to have him put down. I know if he is positive that he won't have a very long life, but he should have a shot to live what life he can have...

Just keep praying...
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If there was a way to get him up here or to the Pittsburgh, PA area, he could go to Tiger Ranch. They would take him if he is neutered.
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Look up on the search engine adopting FeLV cats, there is an organization that only places these cats. I don't have the link any longer, but you can find it off Google.
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Well, i got the results from the second test today...

It confirmed... FeLV postive...

I knew that it was most likely going to come back postive... But i was still hoping that the first test was wrong

I do have some hopeful news though... a client from the vets office I work at is interested in adopting him. She wants to meet him on thursday. When I first told her about his condition, she was a little hesitant. She was afriad she wouldn't be able to handle it emotionally. She gave it some thought and decided that giving this little guy a chance was worth the future emotional heart ache. Her only concern is whether the cat will get along with her dog. She knows the dog isn't cat agressive, since she previously had cats with the dog. She is just worried as to how the cat will react.

I did a little research as to what kind of owner she is... she has always taken good care of her pets... Her dog is currently on heartworm and flea prevention, gets regular baths and nail trims, and always brings her in if there is a problem. All of her cats have lived to be at LEAST 18 years old.... and been well cared for... When I spoke with her about introducing the dog and the cat, she was already prepared to do a slow introduction so neither animal would have a problem. She even had a long talk with the vet about what would be invovled in caring for a FeLV postive cat.

In all, it seems like a great match....

So now we need vibes that she will fall in love with him on thursday and that the dog and cat will get along great!
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I hope everything works out with this lady!
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That she adopts him!!!

Please let us know....
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Fingers crossed for a good ending for this one.
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lots of good vibes for a smooth adoption!!!
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Good news, the little boy went home with his new family today. She seems like a great match with him. She was asking when she could get him neutered, microchipped, what I was feeding him so she could switch him over slowly, what flea prevention to use.... She really seems like she wants to do everything possible to help him. She even offered to pay for the FeLV tests I had done on him. (I declined and said it was the least I could do)

So it was a good ending to what seemed like a bad start...
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Glad to hear this, I like happy endings.
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