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How often should a cat defecate?

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Hi, nice forum..

I have an indoor, 1 year old, spayed, apparently healthy, active, 8lb longhair who poops every second day pretty much like clockwork. She eats mostly canned food (usually Iams) and some indoor cat formula kibble (purina).

She doesn't strain when she defecates, it looks normal and there's about the same quantity as 2-3 average tootsie rolls.

She occasionally tries to cough up a hairball (maybe 2-3 a week) but never has and it only last a few moments.

I've read cats should poop every day. Is every second day unusual or worriesome?

thanks in advance
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Have you ever asked your vet? I have no idea although there have been some days that my kitties have not gone but not every second day or anything regular like that. One of our more knowledgeable folks should be along soon to hopefully set your mind at ease.
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I've also heard that 24 hours is normal. For my cat, it's between 24 - 48 hours, but ususally closer to 48. He doesn't appear to strain. He's been this way all his life (he's soon to turn 9) and has always been healthy. So I personally woudn't consider it worrisome, but that's just me.
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I recently had reason to closely monitor my kitties "output" and they all defecated on a 24-36 hour schedule. My newest wasn't included in that monitoring but she seems to be on a longer schedule, more like every 48 or so hours.
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Talk with the vet ... here is the human perpective .. humans should two or three TIMES per DAY not per week... if they arent the extra meals are sticking to the intestine.. Zoey goes once per day at appr 4 pm... Kandie went twice a day
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The cats and I, once every 24 hours.
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Both my cats, regular as clockwork, every morning after their breakfast .
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Thanks for the replies. I'm not overly worried but I will ask my vet about it to be on the safe side.

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