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Hey Airprincess? When you recover from the Grammy Parties....

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I want all the details!
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so do i!
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me too!!!!

You gonna call me tonight, chickie??
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Hi guys!

It's been a crazy day. I took a 6:35 am train from NYC back to MD and straight to work, and I'm STILL working (which is why I haven't called yet Daniela I'll call you tomorrow) and probably will be for another hour or so.

I did end up attending the show. It was fun to get all dressed up and do my make up etc. I had a killer dress that I felt like a million bucks in. We (my girlfriend/co-worker) of course had to hit sephora and get make up before the show.

The show was great. It was like attending a concert of all your favorite people with various stars MCing. Afterwards we hit the hotel to drop off our programs and when a taxi pulled up in front of our hotel out jumped Kevin Richardson (he's in the backstreet boys, a popular 'boy band' and is currently doing a play on broadway) we grabbed his cab and hit one of the post grammy parties.

It was crammed full at the party. You literally needed a shoe horn to walk through the room and get upstairs. We ran into Kelly & Jack Osbourne. I actually got my picture with Jack. We stayed and hung out until about 2am. Then we headed back to the hotel, got a 5am wake up call and went to bed.

It was a great time and when I get my pictures developed I'll try and scan them and post. I'm exhausted but I'm taking wednesday off to spend with the S/O since tuesday is his birthday. I'll catch up then.

Thanks for asking MA
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Wow!!!! Lucky you! Sounds like a great time. Especially dressing up in a glamorous dress.

I'm curious.......was this part of your job? Or did you have tickets to the show? How did you get to go to the post-grammy parties? ummm....I still have more questions but I don't want to take up all of your time. I just think this sounds so exciting!

Alot of people are saying the grammy's did not live up to their expectations but after reading this, I guess you just have to be there.

Details and pictures!!!!! Yay!!!!
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i wondered the same thing as Ghys - how did you get to go there? wow! sounds like you had a lot of fun!
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I work in the music business. I got my tickets through work. My friends at the labels took care of the guest list for the parties. I didn't have to go for work, but we were allowed to go if we wanted. This is my 2nd time going. I went a couple years ago when the show was out in L.A.

The show was pretty good. It was cool to be at a show where simon & garfunkel, eminem and bruce springsteen all performed. It's fun to play dress up and go out.

As soon as I kill the roll of film I'll get it developed and post some pics!
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Sounds like you had a fabulous time!
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I can't wait to see you in that stunning dress Colby! I bet you looked wonderful!
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