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Conversation with mother

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Hehehe I had an interesting talk with my mother today (she's so cute)

Me on phone: Mother, I can't talk right now, my kitty hopped on my lap and wants my full attention.

Mom: see! Now you know how I felt! When you were little, you didn't want to have anything to do with me, until the phone rang. Then you wanted all my attention.

Me: I really have to go, twitch is getting jealous of the kitten being on my lap. If I don't pet her, she'll ignore me for the rest of the night

Mom: see! Its like teenagers and babies ::ahem:: When everyone swoons over the cute little BALD spitting thing, you, I mean, the teenager gets jealous

Me: Mom! I have to go! They're meowing!! They want me! They need me!

::click on phone::

5 minutes later....

::ring ring::

Me: Hello

Mom: see, now you don't need kids, have a house full of cats


My mommy is so cute.
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that's priceless! :laughing:

and sweet

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Hehe - it's nice of her to be so understanding. My mom gets upset when I tell her she already has 3 grandchildern by me - all four-legged... I tell her she shouldn't be a racist and prefer the human race to others.
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I bought my mom a shirt that sais "Ask me about my grandkitties". She wears it all the time. She may think I am nuts, but she accepts it.
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I think that is awsome! I always wanted a cat when I was a little girl! When I was about 16 she was watching a friends house and had to go to the pet store for supplies! When she walked in there was a cute white kitten with huge blue eyes and she fell in love! Smokey is a seal point siamese and was very loud and moody! I got mad one day because when I got home there were kitty prints all over the walls! I remember telling her it was not fair that she would let the cat put all these marks on the walls because we had to wash our prints off! She said laughing well I have not figured how to keep those scrubbing spounges on his feet yet!
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Here was a recent conversation I had with my mother.

"Brring" (me) "Hello"

Mother "Hi Hon, it's me,how are you?

"fine, doing fine.."

"listen, you dad and I have been talking and we can't come and see you and Mike this year."

"Oh, and why is that?"

"Honey, you just have TO many animals! Remember that really nice afghan I knitted for you last year? The blue one?"

"Yep, I remember"

"Well, the last picture you sent to me, one of you cats was lying on it!"

"Mother, it was draped over the couch, the cat was lying on the top of the couch."

"Still, all that work! (sighs) Just so an animal can lie on it? So, your dad and I aren't coming this year. I hope you understand.." (click)

LOL Now, I could get mad because she is punishing me for letting my *gasp* kitties lay on my furniture and *her* afgan. But, she is not very tolerant of critters, though my father loves them and used to bring them home all the time when we were younger. My house is clean, there is no litterbox smell, but my mother can't deal with the fact that these cats read her like a book, and when she comes here, they stay away from her. They crawl all over my daddy and he loves them for it.

So, do you want to trade moms for awhile? *EG*
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Sure, I'll trade, but I have to warn you, my mother is very silly. I flew home for the weekend and she danced in circles around me at the airport screaming on the top of her lungs that "She's a happy panda because she got her baby cub back." After security said a word to her, she danced around him. She's very odd.
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Your mom sounds cool, not odd at all. Thanks for the giggle!
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