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new baby cat throwing-up

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Hello I am having trouble with my cat she is about 5yrs. old not spayed or declawed. She has started to throw-up after she is around our 2 month old baby girl. I thought it would get better but seems to get worse. I try to give her as much attention as I can playing with the kitty when i get home or the baby is sleeping. She was throwing-up about every 4-5 days and now it is every day she only does after being around baby but not every time. I need some help
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First of all, have you changed any of her food lately - she could be having an allergic reaction or something which has nothing to do with the baby. Second, has she access to anything of the baby's that might attract her to lick, or eat it (even talc, or oil) that could make her sick? Does she do it specifically when you're attending to the baby? In any case, she definitely needs to be spayed, and seen by a vet to rule out anything else that could be going on. I would suggest that if at all possible for now at least to keep the baby's door closed - presuming you have a baby monitor.
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I would take her to get checked over by the vet because that doesn't sound right at all
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I'd have a vet check her out - it could be something internal that she swallowed. And while you are at the vet's, please make an appointment for her to be spayed. For her health!
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