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Looking for Suggestions

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New to posting, have been following this site since we got our two kittens this past summer and have learned a great deal.

Apologies for the length!!

I have two 8 month old Siamese kitties. Nimitz & Hermione have been with us from roughly 10- 11 weeks of age. We have had two on going problems with Nimitz. Problem # 1 and the current frustration is loose stool. Since the end of August he has had stool issues, mostly runny and stinky. We’ve been to the vet had stool samples tested, cultured and everything has come up negative. We’ve even had him on the usual meds at the start to be on the safe side. Now the stool is hit and miss more often than not it’s more on the loose than firm side. We are experimenting with foods…..and yes we are introducing them very slowly and trying them for at least 10 -12 weeks before we move on to the next food.

When we first got them, we fed them what the breeders sent us home with which was a Purina veterinary diet. We then switched them to Hill's P/D as per our vet's suggestion............when I started to research on this site I realized that Hill's was crap and started to experiment with Wellness wet & dry and Cal Nat wet. There was no improvement with the little guy so our vet suggested the Hill's Z/D. His situation did not get any worse with the Z/D but I don't think it had totally cleared up either. We have started to switch the wet to Merrick's ....which they love. The dry Z/D we are mixing with some Cal Nat Chicken & rice....and we are also trying Eagle Pack Solution. We are not seeing any improvments, in fact, tonight he had some had the most liquidy stool that I've seen in awhile. I'm not sure what is causing it. So I'm wondering what to cut back on. The Merricks? The Cal Nat? The Eagle Pack solution? I'm also not sure how often to actually use the Solution. can too much cause loose stool? What about the Eagle Pack Transition? Is that a better product for him than then the Solutions? I hate to go back to just Z/D...I really want them on a good healthy premium food.

It has been frustrating for us as it seems the poor guy just can’t catch a break and because we are not sure if it is just a kitten problem that with time and the right food will eventually go away or if it’s a sign that there is something wrong with him. He is a happy little guy, playing with his sister, getting into everything he can, and a total cuddler.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I do apologize once again for the length.
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Sharky is the forum food expert! Id give her a pm! She can tell you way more than I can!
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Yes, Sharky is the expert I do wonder if perhaps your little guy has an allergy to something in the food - perhaps a grain? Rice, barley, oats?

Welcome! Please post photos when you can (can't get away from that )
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Welcome to the cat forum!
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If I am reading strait ... you are mixing alot of different proteins with many grains...

Can you try just a simple dry and canned like California natural??? At this pt I would likely suggest something in a grain free ... natures variety raw instict is a basic formula in the grain free world ... so is pinnacle

DID the vet say to move them off Z/D???

Have you tried JUST ONE food for 10-12 weeks?>?? Not a mix or one brand wet and another s dry??

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Ahh, Siamese and Orientals are prone to sensitive stomachs - it's usually a case of trying different foods to see what they can tolerate, I think it's often a case of some foods being too rich, and others having too many cereals.

Royal Canin do a dry food specially formulated for Siamese that many breeders I know have had success with, so it may be worth a try. My Oriental has a few issues but nothing major, I find feeding him fairly plain low carb wet foods keeps his stools solid - most of the wet food I feed is just shredded chicken with supplements, no unnecessary additives, fillers, or bulking agents. The brands I use are European, you probably can't get them there, but just in case you run across them or want to look up the ingredients online so you can try something similar, they are called Applaws, Almo Nature, and Cosma.

If he's been on antibiotics you could also try giving something like 1/2 teaspoon of live yoghurt a day for a week to help restore the levels of good bacteria in his gut.

ETA: If you haven't already tried it then Orijen is a grain free dry food but I'm not sure how rich it is, you should be able to get that OK.
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Thanks everyone for yor replies and suggestions.

Sharky, they have been on just Z/D wet & dry from the last week of October to about 2 1/2 weeks ago. His stool was okay but not terrific. The Vet suggested we try the Medical hypoallergenic to see if a brand change may help but again the food did not seem terrific. Like many Vets she seems a big fan of the Hill's & Medical.

i've been adding a liitle cal Nat chicken & rice dry with the Z/D dry for just over 2 weeks.

The Merricks started just last week when we ran out of Z/D wet and they loved it so much, and the food looked sooooo much better than the ZD that we thought we would see what happens for a few days. We have mostly stuck with the chicken & turkey formulas. We'll feed Grammy's Pot Pie for 3 days and then move on to the next. Could it be chicken that is a problem?

We tried Wellness grain free in late September up to the switch to Z/D, we also tried the Orijen....unfortunately it was too rich for their young tummies at the time.

We rae trying the Eagle Pack Solutions as well, but so far results have not been consistent. Any advice on how often to use the Solutions? or the Transitions?

Perhaps to many changes to quickly? Even though I'm beeing very careful and slow with the dry change over.

Perhaps his wet needs to bechanged slowly as well?

Will post pictures soon.
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