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Miles Credit Card Reward

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Is there anyone who owns a miles credit card? I'm looking at discover's miles credit card and want to know if it will be worth it to switch my rewards to that? I love to travel and if I can earn miles through a card I will use anyway, why not?

Can you go anywhere or are you limited? Is it a lot of hassle to book flights? Can it be through any agency or do you have to use a specific carrier? Do you get charged first and then credited back if you have enough miles? Are there any extra fees?

Any advice anyone could offer would be appreciated. I was hoping I could save some money for travel and this seemed like a good way to earn mileage for flights.
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The rules depend a lot on what card you go with. This website might help you - or confuse you lol. http://www.frequentflier.com/card-intro.htm
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Thanks a lot! I will look into it.
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We had a miles CC years ago when my husband had a different position with his company and he traveled more. We did have some nice savings using the miles for the airline tickets. However it was only one airline and they have a limited number of seats per flight so you have to plan you trip months in advance. When we went to Hawaii on the free miles we had to book the tickets about a year in advance.
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It's going to totally depend on what you are looking for. Getting enough miles for a free ticket is going to force you to put anywhere from $25-150k on a credit card.

Now, if you have the means to pay that off in cash it can be well worth it. If you don't... well... then it really isn't.
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