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Jacks Sister!!

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So I got to meet Jacks ((possible)) Sister from a previous litter.. the whole thing still doesnt make since to me but thats what happens with Farrell cats I guess.
Umm my Aunt thinks "Princess" is Jacks Older Sister cause she looks Identical to Jacks Mom.. who is a Brown Tabby with a couple Orange Spots on her sides. Although Princess is an indoor/outdoor Cat ((adopted as a stray)) she is very Skidish and doesnt like being pet or touched.. Her Personality is nothing like Jacks.
I did hold Princess at one point while visiting my aunts.. I actually had to ketch her.. she didnt scratch me at all even though my aunt said she would. OMGosh I fell in love when I held her... for some reason I thought of my Egypt while holding her!! as soon as I had Princess in my lap she calmed down and wanted to be pet and loved.. and she just stared at me the whole time! She even let me walk around the house for a sec while holding her.
I didnt get pics though... I forgot my camera at home. I would have loved to get pics and show her to you guys. Her facial features are a lil different than Jacks.. her face is a lil rounder but that might just be because she has a Feminine look to her. Very pretty though.
So I just figured id share that with you guys and hopefully I can get pics on my next visit.
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Ooh! We need pictures!
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Im trying! lol I just dont go to my Aunts often so idk when the next time ill be able to get pics.

Oh I forgot to mention... so my Aunt doesnt like Princess, she says Princess is always Pooping under her bed. But the funny thing about that is.. there always locking her out of the room with the litter box when shes in the house.
Now I have to admit.. my Aunt and Cousin arnt the best pet owners.. but what can I do about it. Poor girl.
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